Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Well, it really has been the best Christmas ever!! Aside from the adoption being finalized, Bug was so spoiled and had so much fun ripping off the paper from her presents.  Really, she could have cared less about the presents themselves but boy did she love the paper!!!

Even though we had a non existent budge for ourselves, Bug (AKA K) managed to get me a Nook.  I'd have been mad if I hadn't wanted one so bad.  Now it just has to charge so that I can play with it!!!

Well, today is also Bugs 5 month birthday.  I can't believe that 5 months ago today we were given the best present ever.  To top it off, I put her on her tummy to do tummy time today and she immediately rolled to her side!  She apparently didn't want to be on her tummy, because a few short minutes later she rolled to her back!!  It's the first time she rolled ~ and we got the last half of it on vide0 :-)

I didn't want to start solids until Bug was 6 months, but she is prooving daily that she is ready.  Sometimes I think that she is already as stubborn as me and wants to do things on HER time schedule, NOT mine.  So, we think we'll try to give her some mashed potatos (without any dairy) today and see what she does.  Exciting but scary that my little one is already wanting to grow up so fast!!

Now, if she can just get rid of this cold... poor snotty girl, she had to sleep in her car seat last night so that she could at least breathe!!

It's been a GREAT day already!!! 

I thank the Lord for all the good he has given me this year.  I don't see how 2011 can possibly get any better, but I know it will.

Later ~

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