About Us

Me - 37. Pilot wife. Manager. Type A personality. Back in school for my MBA (done in December 2017!!).

K - 39. Pilot. Devoted husband and father. Quiet, to offset my craziness.

B - 11. Boxer. Our first baby, she feels a little lonely when K is gone and I don't get to pay enough attention to her.  We lost our little girl July 2014.  Passed in her sleep.

Bug - 7 years. Our miracle baby, concieved via a donor. Loves giving hugs, running around like mad.  Extended nurser although not as long as I would have liked. Still cute as a button.  Speech delay and some GI issues. Delayed kindergarten to give her the best start that we possibly can. Loves her younger brother but beats him up too.

Bubba, FKA Goose - Our second miracle, born January 8, 2013.  Conceived via one last ditch effort of IVF with ICSI.  AT 4 1/2 he's a crazy little boy who makes me smile.

Nana - My mom.

Grandma - K's mom.

I am loving and hating being a pilots wife. It still feels new to me even though it's been years now, before this we were together all the time. I love our time apart, but it's hard with the baby sometimes. We tried unsuccessfully for a total of 6 years to get pregnant. We struggle with pretty severe MFI, although not to the point of needing aspiration (K is thankful for that!). IVF with ICSI is our option.