Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet moments

Now that K is flying, the kids and I are settlinb into a routine. Some days are easier than others, but we are workingit out. So tonight they were both pretty laid back at bedtime. We got through our routine and I tucked Bug in and went to put goose to bed. Like every night, he was uber excited to nurse. He doesn't nurse often these days, and if it's not sleep time will typically refuse if I offer. But at bedtime he loves it, and tonight was no different. It was incredibly sweet as my typically overactive, never sit still, no cuddle time toddler snuggled into me and happily nursed, sighing with contentment. Our routine is that after i get goose down, i go in and sing bug one more song. She is so much a daddys girl these days it's unbelievable. So tonight after i finished our one more song I got up to leave. In her sweet little girl voice she simply said mama, and reached out her hand. She asked me to rub her back and snuggled into me. I had things to do. Instead I sat and cuddled with my little girl. Because these moments won't last, and my little girl deserves her mama's time. So I hung out while she winded down, holding my hand the whole time. These sweet moments make my day, mean the world to me.