Monday, October 29, 2012


You're singing now, aren't you?  Can't help it, can you?  I know, because I can't help it either.

So, I'm one of those lucky people that isn't allergic to poison ivy, or sumac, or oak, or any of that.  I can practically swim in the stuff and come out unharmed.  K?  He can look at it from 50 feet away and be covered in the spots by the next morning.

When I was pregnant with Bug, I  managed to get one little bitty spot of poison something.  The OB said it was not surprising, that it happens because of the worn down immune system.  It was a bummer, but not bad at all.

Then, in July of this year, I caught it again.  It was bigger this time, and took FOREVER to heal.  Like, K got it too (worse than me still) and healed a good week or so before me.  It came from working on our rental house back in Toledo.

Then, a maybe 6 weeks or so ago, I got it again.  I hadn't even been anywhere NEAR woods!!!  We think the dog got it going out back to poo in the woods and gave it to me.  This time it was worse, spread more, itched more and took even longer to heal.

Oh. Ma. Gawd.  I feel SO BAD for those that are allergic to this crap.  It SUCKS.  Badly.  And I KNOW that I didn't even have that bad of a case of it.  I hope that I never catch it again.  I can still see the healing spot on my leg where I had it the worst.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Living the life

So the other day Bug and I were eating dinner (K was at work, as usual).  Suddenly, in the middle of dinner, Bug acts as if she is done eating, and in quite a hurry to be out of her high chair.

So, I let her out.

She reached down and grabbed the front of her diaper.  I asked if she had to potty, and she said yes.  (we really aren't that far into potty training, early early stages, and she's never actually gone potty in the potty yet).

So, we went into the bathroom.  I pulled her pants down, and took off her diaper.  She started to sit on the toilet.

Then she started kinda freaking out, and walked out of the bathroom and stood right in front of the door in the hallway, stressed.

I asked if she was OK, and asked if she wanted to sit back down.

She looked at me, a little stunned.

And pooped on the carpet.

I kept telling her it was OK, put her on the toilet and cleaned it up.  All the while praising her for telling me she had to go, and for almost going on the potty.

That's my girl.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome to the third trimester....

And welcome to severe back pain.

 My back has been hurting over the last couple of months, but within the last couple of weeks it has gotten progressively worse and worse. By this last week it was hurting as early as about 10am and not stopping... all.... day.... long. My OB suggested a maternity support belt, and I've been wearing one for the last couple of days with minimal relief. It breaks my heart because it's hurting so bad that it's hard to snuggle with bug, which is an issue I'll mention in a bit. I'm not sure how to make it better, but I think I'm going to try a massage tomorrow. Other typical aids haven't done a whole lot, but when K rubs on it a bit it seems to help.

I can't believe that I only have about 11 weeks left until my due date. I have no idea where the time has gone! It's so very exciting, I really can't wait to meet this little one. I suspect it's a boy, K thinks it's a girl. The bets are on :-)

The newest struggle I'm having is now realizing that Bug is no longer going to be our only baby, that we're going to lose that one on one daily time that we get now. Everything is going to have to be shared now, including our time and love. I know that the love will multiply and that we will love both the same, but it's so hard to know that she won't be the only one anymore. It's becoming more and more real, and it's kind of hard.

We were out with a friend last week that has 2 kids, the second one just shy of 9 months old. I was holding him while my friend went to the bathroom and bug had a meltdown because I was holding another baby. That kicked my thoughts into high gear of course, because I know it's going to be such a transition for her. 

But, I still can't wait to meet this little one. I am so excited for the coming weeks to pass, but I know that this will be my last pregnancy, so I also don't want to wish them away. Even with the back pain I'm trying to enjoy every minute, every kick, every hiccup. I love it all. I love this new little one.

My weight has finally caught up (part of the back pain I'm sure), so all seems to be looking good with this pregnancy. Some days it still feels unreal. I had someone question when I was due the other day and had to honestly think for a minute to realize she meant me, the pregnant me!

That's about it for now, but I'm gonna try to blog more often!!