Monday, October 29, 2012


You're singing now, aren't you?  Can't help it, can you?  I know, because I can't help it either.

So, I'm one of those lucky people that isn't allergic to poison ivy, or sumac, or oak, or any of that.  I can practically swim in the stuff and come out unharmed.  K?  He can look at it from 50 feet away and be covered in the spots by the next morning.

When I was pregnant with Bug, I  managed to get one little bitty spot of poison something.  The OB said it was not surprising, that it happens because of the worn down immune system.  It was a bummer, but not bad at all.

Then, in July of this year, I caught it again.  It was bigger this time, and took FOREVER to heal.  Like, K got it too (worse than me still) and healed a good week or so before me.  It came from working on our rental house back in Toledo.

Then, a maybe 6 weeks or so ago, I got it again.  I hadn't even been anywhere NEAR woods!!!  We think the dog got it going out back to poo in the woods and gave it to me.  This time it was worse, spread more, itched more and took even longer to heal.

Oh. Ma. Gawd.  I feel SO BAD for those that are allergic to this crap.  It SUCKS.  Badly.  And I KNOW that I didn't even have that bad of a case of it.  I hope that I never catch it again.  I can still see the healing spot on my leg where I had it the worst.


  1. well... you''re lucky you're not allergic, but i must say, for someone who's not allergic, you sure have had it a lot! i'm TERRIBLY allergic and i've only had it once.

  2. Well, that doesn't like fun!