Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Living the life

So the other day Bug and I were eating dinner (K was at work, as usual).  Suddenly, in the middle of dinner, Bug acts as if she is done eating, and in quite a hurry to be out of her high chair.

So, I let her out.

She reached down and grabbed the front of her diaper.  I asked if she had to potty, and she said yes.  (we really aren't that far into potty training, early early stages, and she's never actually gone potty in the potty yet).

So, we went into the bathroom.  I pulled her pants down, and took off her diaper.  She started to sit on the toilet.

Then she started kinda freaking out, and walked out of the bathroom and stood right in front of the door in the hallway, stressed.

I asked if she was OK, and asked if she wanted to sit back down.

She looked at me, a little stunned.

And pooped on the carpet.

I kept telling her it was OK, put her on the toilet and cleaned it up.  All the while praising her for telling me she had to go, and for almost going on the potty.

That's my girl.


  1. a few weeks ago, louise was sitting on hr potty watching cartoons. i went into the kitchen for a few minutes and went back to the living room to find her standing right next to her potty with a fresh pile of poop. she actually got OFF her potty to go.

  2. Hooray for progress!

    Fynnie is only just recovered from her traumatic poop incident (in July!). I could probably approach it again, but we're driving up to the Bay Area soon and I do NOT want to worry about it before then.

  3. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, that maybe wasn't the response you were looking for. But it's all I've got ;) that and I'm glad we're no the the only ones this has happened to! Toddlers are glamorous, aren't they?!