Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A mother's intuition

So, as mentioned in my post Sweet Bug from the other day.... I called the 'new' doctor.  They weren't accepting new patients until after the first of the year because they are switching to EMRs.

I couldn't deal.  Bug had been in so much pain.

So I called her current peds office the day after that last post.  They were going to get me in with their normal ped, and I requested a different one.  So they got me in with the only male in the practice.

For a minute I felt kinda bad, making my 4 year old daughter show her butt to a guy that she's only met like twice, when she won't hardly let us see it because of the pain.

But I didn't have a choice.

So we went in, and we all went.  He asked first about what was going on.  So we explained it all.  And he asked what the other doc had said, and we told him - sitz bath.

He flat out was like 'that won't work.' Mind you, this was before he even looked at her!!!

So, he did really good with getting her attention, calming her down, redirecting her while he checked out her eyes and ears.  Then he looked at her poor little butt.

The minute he looked at it he said 'this is strep'

He let us know that they used to be able to do the rapid strep test (yes, the same one for your throat) in the office, but the FDA said they couldn't do that any longer for the butt.  So the only way to 'verify' was a 2 day lab test... which he said right off that it was a bad case, and there was NO WAY he was making Bug wait that long for relief.  He was like 'I've seen this multiple times, I promise it's what it is.'

Even with everything going on I chose to trust him.

So she got an antibiotic and a prescription cream.

We are just over a week into the meds and her butt is completely cleared up.  She's, for the most part, no longer holding her poop.  Sometimes she still does, but I think that's because she's trying to get used to the fact that it doesn't hurt any longer - after all the time that it did.

She's going poop on the potty sometimes.  I figure that we're completely starting poop training from the beginning, and I'm OK with that.

And I called a contact I have in the system we use and she is going to help ensure that I can either get in permanent with this doctor we saw, or a new office.

Because I will NEVER. EVER. see that loser of a pediatrician again.  She's absolutely worthless and I'm NOT wasting my time for someone that wouldn't take the time to really look at my daughters problem, even after multiple complaints.

It was a good thing K was with us that day, because I'm pretty sure I would have caused a scene when leaving the office.  Instead I waited to call until I calmed down.

I'm just thankful that I finally listened to my gut, that I took her to someone else, and that I wasn't crazy.  I didn't want anything wrong with her, but it validated that it was SOMETHING, not NOTHING.

And now we can move forward.

My poor little bug.