Monday, December 20, 2010

Eats on Feets

So, I have been a blessed mother and have been able to produce quite a bit of milk.  In fact, I make so much that my deep freeze is full.  That's right, full.  No more room.  Period.  So, I found out about Eats on Feets, it's basically a forum to help mothers who need breastmilk connect with mothers who have a surplus of it! 

So, I found a doula who had a mama who is unable to make milk.  So I donated a couple hundred ounces to her today, and let her know that if her little one tolerates it well to let ME know.  It hardly made a dent in what I have, but at least opened up some space for me to store more recent milk.  Her little one is younger than Bug, so it's great to get rid of some of my older stuff.  It was so great, I felt like it filled my heart with so much love and really made MY holidays brighter.

I really hope that she contacts me and lets me know that it worked out really well.  I love being a part of giving something to someone that is so important.  I hope it means a lot to this other mama, and I KNOW it means a lot to me.  It brought tears to my eyes just knowing what I was doing. 

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