Friday, December 10, 2010

Bug's getting HEAVY!!

Yes, it's official.  She's getting really heavy.  I should consider carrying her outside of her car seat.  What makes me say this you ask?  Other than the obvious issue of getting more difficult to carry one handed, I found a line of bruises down my right leg the other day.  It took me a little bit to figure out what in the world they could have possibly come from!  They are right above my knee, on the outside of my leg, and literally, a row.  Finally it dawned on me - this is where the car seat hits when I carry it on my arm!!  So not only am I getting blood blisters on the inside of my arm right at my elbow from carrying it this way, but now the bruising on my leg! 

Why not just carry it by the handle you may ask?  Well, if I'm just walking from point a to b with no stairs, I will.  BUT, I'm SO darn SHORT, that going up and down stairs it is impossible to carry her this way!  Oh the adventures of a 5 foot 1/2 inch mother LOL.

On another note, my dear husband is coming home tomorrow night!  I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving morning, so needless to say Bug and I are excited!  But, we only get him for the day on Sunday, and then he has to leave again around noon on Monday.  But then he will only be gone for just under a week, and then hopefully home until just before New Years!  So, he'll be home for Bug's first Christmas, which is SO important to me.  I know with him being a pilot now it's never a guarantee that he'll be home, and I accept that.  But this is such a big holiday for our little one, and it being her first, I really wanted him to be here.

Well, I have a lot on my mind that I would like to start talking about later tonight after Bug hits the hay for the evening.  (well, until her middle of the night nursing extravaganza anyways... did I spell that right?!)  So, maybe I'll be talking to you all later :-)

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