Monday, May 16, 2011


So, Bug's been sleeping pretty crappy for the last 6 weeks. First, she had an ear infection, so I attributed it to that. Poor kiddo. Then I couldn't figure out what it was. When I could get her tongue out of the way (I swear it doesn't fit in her mouth LOL), her gums weren't red or swollen. BUT, about a week and a half ago I finally felt the nub of a tooth. Well, the last few nights have been really bad, so yesterday I felt the razor sharpness of a tooth! Here's to hoping she's not a biter and my poor boobs can stay in one piece :-)

The cute gummy grin is going away to be replaced by an adorable toothy grin! Yeah for teeth, boo for crankiness LOL.

Needless to say, I've always been worried about using oragel. I'm afraid that she'll spit up (since she's a reflux baby) and I'll use to much and numb her gag reflex and it'll be disasterous. Well, after too many nights of no sleep, and a very cranky baby in the MOTN last night, I gave in and used it. Wow, oh the relief (and not just for her!!!) K was even being really good and trying to let me sleep since I had to work today, but that's pretty hard in a small apartment with a crying baby. I couldn't go back to sleep with that. Ah my poor sweetie.

We get to go sign the lease today on the new house, I'm SO excited.

On another note - AF still hasn't come. I spotted Friday, Saturday and a little bit on Sunday morning, but not any since. K doesn't really think anything of it, and I've never been a POAS'er, but I have to be honest... if she doesn't come full force by the time he leaves again around the first of the month, I might just have to give in... just in case LOL. I know that it's probably just my body working up to it, but it's all about the hoping LOL.


  1. It's so difficult to type with my fingers crossed, but I'm doing it. For you. I'm a giver, I know.

    We've used teething tablets with Fynnie. "Little Teethers" by Little Remedies. It seems to help her. With Corey and Mad we never had to give them anything, so this new territory for us.

  2. Ok where did you find the teething tabs? Every place I go says they don't carry them since they were recalled? Do you know why they were recalled?