Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, as I feel like I've had a few whining posts lately, I am going to leave you today with some things that make me smile.

Bugs hugs. She loves giving them and I love getting them. She will reach around you and pull you in close. It is so sweet.

K. His love for me surpasses anything I have ever felt before. He makes me whole. Without him I would be in a bad way.

My mom. She is my rock. I love that I can call her when I am having a tough day and she can help me feel better.

Camping. I am so excited for some long weekends this summer!

My dog, B. She drives me crazy, and is tough to care for when K isn't here. But she was our first baby and is so darn sweet.

My best friend C. She keeps me grounded. She can tell me when I am being a bitch and it's ok. We've been friends for 19 or so years. she is amazing. We have our own lives but can always pick right back up, even from 4 hours away.

My job and my employees. Seems strange, but it is a lot of fun along with the stress. I work in a small satellite office, and we all get along. No drama. It's awesome.

Hot baths. Need I say more.

Massages. It's about time for me to use my gift card for one.

A nice glass of red wine (a medoc tonight) and a little good dark chocolate.

Infertility treatments. Without them we wouldn't have the possibility to give K a biological child.

Love. Support. Understanding. From my friends and family. Thank you all!


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