Thursday, May 12, 2011

A big Thank You!

I just want to send out a big Thank You to a fellow blogger, and follower of mine, over at

First, I want to say that I love this blogger. I have been following her for a while (in my world anyways, so almost as long as I've been blogging), and I can always depend on her for a good laugh. I just really love her blog.

She's been following me for a bit too, and she is great and is constantly commenting, makes me glad to know that someone is reading LOL.

Well, to the main reason for the post! She commented on my post from yesterday, and I just had to share. My post was about milk sharing again through Eats on Feets, and here is her comment:

~~~Hey, because of your post about Eats on Feets, I was able to pass info along to someone on Facebook yesterday. Now some mama in Indiana will have more milk to give her little one. Thought you might like to know. ~~~

This makes me so happy. This is the point of Eats on Feets, to hook up mama's that have extra milk with those that need it. It is such an amazing thing, watching relationships build because of these gestures of kindness. To know that something as simple as my posts on my blog about sharing helped to familiarize someone with EOF, and that person was able to spread the word. In turn, another baby gets this liquid gold!!

These are not small gestures, babies on the receiving end are able to get what their mama feels is best for them, they are able to get off of formula which is sometimes causing them problems - gastro, reflux, exczema, you name it.

Mama's on the giving end are taking the time out of their day to pump this liquid gold, and then are willing to give it away. Let me tell you, the time commitments are not small. I pump right now 3 to 4 times a day, and between pumping, cleaning up, and packing alone I think I spend an hour and a half or more every day. Then every few weeks I take another 30 or so minutes to rotate the milk so that the oldest is either what I use or donate to another mama. For me, I would be doing it anyways. I would be buying the bags for storage. I would be taking the time to pump. For someone like me with such a great supply, I don't have to cry as I am throwing overage away. Instead I outreach to my mama's. If they are not in need I go back to the EOF facebook page and find myself a new mama. It is an amazing page, please go check it out if you have not already.

I'm not here to give myself kudos, but really to remind everyone of Eats on Feets. To mention it to your nursing mama friends, or those that are talking about problems with their supply. This is a kudos to all those mama's out there that are giving, and all those mama's out there that are receiving.

I will stop pumping when Bug is 12 months. In many ways this makes me sad, as it will end this portion of my relationship with these mama's that I have come to know. The good thing is that these relationships have taken on a life of their own. We are friends now, the mama that is in my same city and I have dinner together, let our little girls play together. We enjoy each others company.

Thank you to Eats on Feets. Thank you for starting up just when I was realizing I needed to do something with all my extra milk. Thank you to those mama's that are willing to give away this liquid gold to a baby in need. Thank you to those mama's that are more than happy to take that liquid gold off of our hands and feed it to their precious, deserving babies.

Thank you Shan, for reading my blog and sharing what you have learned.

(PS - as I've mentioned before in my posts about milk sharing, I am NOT saying that formula feeding is bad, if that is what is right for you and your baby, then I am 100% behind you! This is just what is right for me, for Bug, and for those babies out there that I am able to help feed)


  1. And I, again, add my thank you in - to you and other mommas who are the ones who feed my baby (and so many others) the best food around.

  2. Hooray, I love happy posts like this!

  3. Thanks Becky, it is the least I can do to help considering my good fortune. I figure it's what God is giving me in return for dealing with Infertility LOL.

    Shan - you are awesome woman! I love that I can give your blog a bump while thanking you for being so awesome :-) (do you watch how I met your mother? Yeah, you're even more awesome than Barney ha ha ha)