Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm amazed at how quickly this whole teething process seems to be going for us. Well, that's relative since we've had 6 weeks of not great sleep. But that not great sleep for the majority of that 6 weeks was adding in one MOTN wake up. Every few days it would be adding two. Sometimes I could get her back down without even picking her up, sometimes I would have to nurse her. It just depended.

So, as I posted on Monday, I really felt the sharpness of a tooth on Sunday, but It wasn't quite through the gums. Well, by Tuesday it was through. She's so darn cute when she smiles and has just that bit of tooth sticking out!! I now am pretty sure I'm feeling nub number two.

So, this morning, I'm getting ready for work and K is sitting on the bed holding bug and they're playing. It's super cute, but I'm half asleep and only half paying attention. Out of nowhere I hear "Ouch, you bit my nose! Why did you bite my nose? I don't think I like you having teeth!" I laughed so hard, especially when I looked over and there was K, pouting at Bug. Bug? She's got this big ol' smile on her face like she was the Queen of England.  Really, she was the Queen of K, since she had him pinned underneath her and obviously had him at her will with her biting and cuteness.

Now, so long as she keeps that to noses and leaves my poor nipples alone, I'll be happy!

I've been trying to get her to eat finger foods, and it has been amazingly unsuccessful. Well, she loves green beans, and we had some fresh ones with dinner the other night. So, I gave her some and she wouldn't put them in her mouth herself, but she would open her mouth for them. Swallowing? Well, that's debatable. Some of the pieces I found in her lap, some in her bib, and some went missing. Did she actually eat them I wonder? Or did the dog find them on the floor? I was eyeing B (the dog) suspiciously, trying to figure out who may have swallowed them. B just sat there, all pretty like, panting and staring at me. Bug just gave me grins. Mostly gummy, somewhat toothy, adorable innocent little grins. Then she stuck her hand in her mouth.

I'm still not sure who ate them. I hope it was Bug, cause they were really really good.

Tonight's dinner? Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, radishes and baked beets. We'll see if she'll eat any of the beets. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Oh how funny! And I hope you had a similar beets experience to ours. I gave Fynnie some roasted beet sticks. She squashed the first one and ended up rubbing it all over her face. She was purple from well into her hairline to well below her chin. Dang if it wasn't Tom's tennis night and she was pretty tired already... no time to grab the camera. Grr! But I'll always remember... :+)