Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Night

So Kev had to leave at about 3:00am last night/this morning to catch his plane to Philly.  Bug was hungry about 1:30, and I was just falling back to sleep when his alarm went off around 2ish.  So then I was awake the whole time he was getting ready.  By the time he left, I was unfortunately, wide awake.  But I laid in bed, hoping that sleep would come.  Finally about 5:00 I turned off my alarm and just started surfing the web on my cell.  Bug wanted to eat again around 5:20 or so, and we fell asleep together (finally!) in bed until about 6:45.  I don't normally sleep with her in my bed, but it was SO needed, and she slept too.  She's the best cuddler around!!

So when I went to nurse her at lunch, they said she'd been a pill all morning.  Just cranky in general.  She finally quieted down for them when they put her in a bouncer and left her alone.  My bug just needed some her time I think!  Ha ha.

I'm gonna miss Kev this week.  He's been home for almost 3 weeks, and I'm not used to that.  It was SO nice to have the help around the house and taking care of Bug.  I've eaten better and everything!  It was like to prove a point... after I was running late this morning, I was just getting Bug bundled up and she pooped.  A nice big blow out diaper.  Fun stuff.  Had to change EVERYTHING.  Of course, we have recently started her on solids, so it was nice and green and stinky, but still runny.  HA on you Mama!

So solids.  We started on Rice cereal a little over a week ago.  The first two days or so she pushed it out.  Then she caught on, and started opening her mouth as the spoon got close!  It's so cute, because she will make noises as the spoon gets close too.  It's so funny!

So on Friday, we added in some peas.  She liked them at first, then we got treated the the funniest faces as she was thinking that maybe she didn't like them so much!  Ha ha, she was covered in green peas a couple of days in a row!  She seems to like them now, so that's cool.  Couple more days of peas, then onto Green Beans!  I'm still not sure how much I'm loving adding these foods in yet, but she was ready for sure.  Gotta let her lead the way in terms of when she's ready for the real thing and not just breastmilk. 

Hasn't helped her sleep any longer.  Oh well, I still feel lucky that she only get's up once a night most nights, then is up for the day typically between 5 and 6.

Oh how I love her!

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