Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bug is sick!

Well it started at the end of last week.  She got congested.... again.  That's the story of our lives with her unfortunately.  So, we use the saline and clean it out.  We use the nasonex and d'allergy to help clear her out.  It gets a little worse so Friday night we start putting her in her carseat to sleep.  Saturday goes OK, but she doesn't sound the best.  Sat night wasn't great.  Sunday it started to seem as though she was having a hard time breathing and gained a cough.  So we called the on call doc and she let us know to keep an eye on her, watch for her nostrils flaring, her ribs showing, or if it seemed she was struggling more to breath.  So, we called her again Sunday night and let her know that everything was worse, and you could see her stomach muscles struggling.  She suggested we take her in, so we went to the ER.  When we get there, she of course, sounnds better.  They did an RSV test, negative.  Sent us home advising it's viral and there's nothing they can do.

Sunday night she sleeps like crap and I'm up checking on her often as it sounds like she's gasping for air.  Monday we get up and she goes to daycare.

Monday afternoon I get the call from daycare.  She BF with me at 6:30, then ate 2 ounces of BM at 9:30, 1 ounce of BM at 1:30 and they finally got her to eat 3 more ounces of BM at 3:15.  This 3 ounces proceeded to come right back up in the form of VOMIT, yes vomit, NOT spit up.  Through her nose and everything.  Then they check her temp, 100.4 under arm and 101.7 forehead.  Yikes.  Come get her they say.

So we go to the docs.  They find a pretty nastly looking ear infection.  Ugh.  She wasn't crying or grabbing her ears or anything.  Crazy.  So they give us an antibiotic (the third in her short life).  I ask for no amoxicillan as it makes the reflux worse.  So zithromax it is.

Today she cried and fussed more than normal, but seems to be doing better.  Gotta love the pain drops for her ears though - helps get us through!

5 1/2 months before the first ear infection.  Not too shabby!!

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