Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art Museum

So Bug has loved pictures it seems from day one.  We have been talking about taking her to the art museum, but the way our time has been with Kev travelling so much, we just haven't done it.  So yesterday we did all of our errands, which included a stop at the mall to buy Mama a couple of new suits since my old ones no longer fit my post baby body.  Anyways, that left us all of today.  So we went to mass, then had brunch, then off to the art museum.  All in all she handled it pretty well.

When we got there we pulled her out of her car seat so I could feed her before we went in.  She cried.  and cried.  OK, we thought, maybe she's kinda hot.  So we took off her hat and mittens and got outside.  Kev put her in the bjorn to wear her through the museum and she calmed down.  We went in and were in for about an hour.  Then she started screaming.  Always good in a museum LOL.  So we tried calming for a bit, then got out of there pretty quick.  She calmed right down in the car, which we expected as she was acting tired.  But I think the stimuli of the museum kept her from sleeping.  Got home and she was crying again.  So we changed her diaper and fed her and she was doing great.

Well, she hasn't pooped in like 5 days.  We knew it was just a matter of time and kept expecting it.  So we were practicing sitting (she's doing so good!) and all of the sudden we heard it coming.  I grabbed her and jumped up, Kev pulled off her pants, and we rushed her in to change her.

Too Late.

Quite the blowout.  We took turns holding her in a standing position to strip her and wipe off her back before we took off the diaper.  Kev left me to do that ha ha.  So I did and there was so much it was pooled in the diaper and started dripping off her butt!!!  I've never seen SO MUCH BABY POO!!!

Needless to say, even though we typically do baths only every couple of days and as part of our bed time routine, this called for a break from routine.

Cleaned her off as best as possible and to the bath we went!!

Now she is sleeping soundly on dada as he watches some TV and I type this up.  So darn cute.  So darn sweet.  Well, off to enjoy that sweetness!!

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