Thursday, April 19, 2012


So yesterday when the embryologist called they said that there were 15 embryos that were still dividing and looking good.  8 of them looked really good at 4 cells or more.  So, they decided on transfer this morning.

So we got there about 11:15 with a VERY FULL BLADDER.  Man do I hate that part.  They did the transfer probably around noonish, and we transferred 2 beautiful embryos.  1 that was 8 cells and 1 that was 9 cells.  They said that there were so many that looked so good it was hard for them to choose which ones to transfer.

When they took me back for the transfer it was really neat, because they showed the embryo's up on a big screen that we could see, so we watched them suck them up into the catheter.  And cue tears.  Yep, I'm nice and emotional because of all this and the progesterone.  I laid flat for 20 minutes, then finally relieved my overfull bladder.  We left, grabbed some lunch, and came home.  I've been just relaxing all day.  Mom's here now helping play with Bug as K had to work (he's flight instructing now, have I mentioned that?!), and I want to take it easy.  Except I had to go to the bathroom earlier, and it was a bit, um, tough, so now I'm all freaked out.  But it'll be OK.

So they froze 6 embryo's today, and have 8 more that they're going to watch for a couple of days and freeze what they can.  Once all are frozen they'll send me an email detailing everything out.

I'm so hopeful it's scary.  I just pray that it doesn't all come crashing down.  But if it does, I know that we can make it through it as a family - K, Bug, me and God.

K isn't home to give me my PIO shot on time, so either I have to take it late, or hit up the nurses next door that I only kinda know and see if one of them will give it... I think I might try the nurses.  Plus I'm taking doxycycline (hates my stomach) and Medrol (to help keep my body from rejecting the embabies).

Welcome to the hellish Two Week Wait.  Blood test is exactly 2 weeks from today.

It seems like a lifetime.


  1. wow, those numbers i so great, what good news! good luck with the transfer. i hope this one is successful, but if it's not, at least you've got a lot of embryos left over!

  2. Sending tons of sticky thoughts!

  3. Such amazing numbers! Congratulations again! I'm so hopeful for you and hope the next few weeks go by as quickly as they can.

  4. Sending thoughts and prayers your way, hope this will be your month!

  5. Are you kidding?!? Cue *my* tears! I'm so hopeful for you, K and Bug. Sending you love and a peaceful heart for whatever transpires over the next couple weeks.