Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fertilization Report

So the embryologist called at about 8:30 this morning to give me the fertilization report.  25 eggs were removed, one fractured which she said was normal when there's a lot of eggs.  Of the 24 remaining, 20 were mature, so they ICSI'd all 20.

Because we have male factor infertility, and it's really not good (he doesn't have a lot, they are misshapen (think multiple heads/tails), don't swim well if at all, and aren't very strong), we do IVF with ICSI.  Normal IVF is where they put the egg and the sperm in a dish together and let them do their thing.  IVF with ICSI is where they actually inject the sperm directly into the egg.  So the sperm doesn't need to be able to swim well, doesn't need to be able to break into the egg, etc.

So, out of the 20 that were mature and ICSI'd, 16 of them fertilized normally.  These are good numbers compared to our last IVF (12 mature eggs, only 7 fertilized normally and those were all slow growers).  Now, I don't know yet how these babies are doing, they were all at 1 cell this morning, but that is exactly where they expected them to be.  So I'll hear more tomorrow, and I'll know tomorrow if we are going to do a 3 day or 5 day transfer.

On a side note, we started the PIO (progesterone in oil) shots tonight.  They weren't fun, but the worst part was the initial poke.  K had a REALLY hard time doing them though, he said he really felt the shot going in through fat and muscle and it kinda skeeved him out.  Hopefully he won't have any problems continuing to give me these shots.

As I've been all talk about IVF lately, on the Bug front... She wanted daddy to put her to bed tonight which is why I am getting a minute to do a post.  She found crayons, really found them, today during the day.  She's been pretty uninterested in them before now, but today she colored all over the glider stool and two walls.

Welcome to toddler hood LOL.  guess we'll be buying some Mr Clean Magic Erasers - I've heard they work well on crayon on walls!!


  1. Mr Clean magic Erasers = totally for real magic! also, those numbers sounds great!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. To think, there are all these little bits of baby hope out there, trying to find their way to you and K. I am pulling for them, too.

    Magic Erasers are good, but if it's on thick, you can use a blow dryer and paper towels to melt some off. Is it green? In my mind it's green. I might be remembering when the apartment Corey and I had got repainted and he decided to draw in green crayon on the bright white patio storage door.

  3. wow, those are AMAZING numbers, that's awesome, congrats!
    i love magic erasers, they work really well for most things, although, i haven't tried crayon yet (lucky me).