Monday, April 16, 2012


First I want to thank everyone for their loving comments lately.  I know I haven't been as good a commenter as I like to be, and I apologize for that!

So, this morning was retrieval.  It went really well!  We dropped bug off at around 7am, got to the docs just about 8:15 (yes, traffic is THAT bad for the trip from daycare to the RE's - it should only be about a 35 minute drive, or 55 from the house).  First we went back and talked to the nurse about what will go on in the next few weeks.

Mainly the PIO shots.  PIO = Progesterone in Oil.  This shit looks MEAN.  I mean really, who wants to inject a SLOW moving oil into their body Every.  Single.  Night?  I don't care, if it means that a pregnancy will hold, I'll take it.  Back in 2008 we did vaginal progesterone suppositories.  For what it's worth, those had their own issues.  The one I took I had to insert 3 times a day, and it spent the next few hours slowly dripping out.  Yep, it was fun.  Anyways, she explained that once we get a fetal heartbeat (God willing this works) then we may be able to switch to a suppository.  Either way, she marked my back on where K should give the shots, explained things to watch/call her for.  She talked about the estrogen patches, the Medrol (to help keep my body from rejecting the embryo) and the doxycycline I'll have to take around transfer as well.

I sat there with ovaries that felt like melons and listened to this, and it really made everything feel real.  I was nervous, nervous that there wouldn't be any eggs, nervous that all this won't work.

Then they took me back to my pre op room, did all my vitals, got in my IV.  I walked to the OR and climbed up on the bed.  The Nurse Anesthetist gave me the first of 2 drugs and I felt a little happy woozy.  Then they got my arms in position, my legs in position.  I remember the Anesthetist mentioning something about the next med, and the last 2 things I remember was the RE coming in and two nurses talking about the leg stirrup thing being loose.  The next thing I remember is waking up back in my pre-op room.

They caught 25 eggs.  I was sore, came home and napped, but feeling pretty good now.  I get one more night of no shots, then I start the PIO tomorrow night.  I will find out tomorrow morning how many eggs were mature, and the fertilization report.  I will talk to the embryologist every day until my transfer, which will either be Thursday or Saturday.  This office advises no bed rest - basically they say it will work or it won't, and bed rest won't change that.

I'm praying for these little eggs, that by now should be my little embryo's, my little babies.  They let me keep my necklace on the whole time.  Let me tell you why this is important.

The first mothers day after our IVF back in 2008 failed, K got me this necklace.  It's the birthstone for our two little babies that never made it.  Our two little babies that made us PARENTS.  They have been here, watching over me this entire cycle.  They were there today, keeping their arms wrapped around my eggs, and will be there the day of transfer.

Just a few more days and I will be Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.  Hopefully in 3 weeks(ish) I will bet getting a blood test that tells me that I am pregnant.  I'm feeling vulnerable right now, and I just keeping praying to God that this is all meant to be, that this will be our second take home baby.


  1. 25 is amazing! congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the update!
    Good luck!

  3. So glad to hear that the news is good so far! My fingers are crossed that you'll hear good news tomorrow as well. You're in my thoughts for sure!

  4. YAY!!!! Wonderful numbers!!! Excited to hear the update report on the babies! :-)

  5. I don't remember knowing about your first two babies. I sure wish you never had to go through losing them. Having too many unborn babies "out there" myself, I know how they never leave the heart and mind.