Friday, March 30, 2012

True Story

So, K was gone the other night.  Bug was a big cranky butt (I'm thinking the terrible two's are starting :-) - she's got staying power with her temper tantrums!!

Anyways, we had egg burritos for dinner.  She tore hers all apart and LOVED on the sour cream.  That's my girl!!  Her orange shirt looked nice and blotched with white after.  She tears off her bibs, so I've mostly given up on putting them on.  Anyways, she stole a bit of the burrito shell and took it down from the high chair with her.  I let her, since she'd been such a pill all night.  A bit later she was fussing again, so I picked her up, and her hand went right down my shirt to my nipple.  yep, she's still doing that.

A few minutes later I put her down and was walking through the kitchen.  I realized that my nipple felt cold.  So, I peeked down my shirt and what did I find in my bra??

Burrito shell.  Soft taco shell, whatever you call it.

You can't make this stuff up :-)

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  1. oh no! the terrible twos are the worst, i hope it's not starting already for you!