Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All in the Garbage

So, tonight I was busy thawing some of Bugs frozen breast milk for her before bed sippy.  I look over and see her standing looking in the garbage.  Here's what followed:

Me - Hun, can you get her out of the garbage please?
K - Sure.
...He takes a look in the garbage....
K - Oh Bug, you don't like your shoes anymore?
....He pulls out her 2 week old pair of shoes....
K - Oh, and you don't want us to watch TV anymore?
....He pulls out the remote control to the TV....
K - and I guess you also don't want me to drive anymore?
....He pulls out his car keys....
Me - I swear I was watching her while you showered.
....Yeah, she was being independent so I was reading blogs on my phone.... totally missed her walking by me with all those items and throwing them away..... OOPS!!!


  1. Lol! Happy ICLW- I'm a first time visitor. Congratulations on Bug...may you make many happy memories, and still be able to drive, watch TV, etc. when she's older. :)

    Best wishes,


  2. Ha!!! We had to block off the garbage and recycling in various ways because E kept both eating out of them, and putting all kinds of things in there. Good thing K checked, lol!