Friday, March 23, 2012

oh suppression how i love thee

First, if you are visiting from ICLW, welcome! I always love finding new blogs!

So I took my 4th suppression shot last night. The fun side effects that I so remembered are creeping back up. I'm having a tough time waking up because I'm so exhausted. I'm a little warmer than normal, but no full blown hot flashes yet. I'm dealing with some constipation. And the dreams!

Last night I dreamt about a girl I'm no longer friends with. We were out with some of my other friends and she got a tomato. She went to say hi to another friend and while she was gone I chowed on her tomato. So I went to find her and give her a couple bucks because I ate her tomato. She was sitting with these other people and had gotten dinner and was drunk, and was all mad at me for eating her tomato and not joining her for dinner.

Um, ok. This girl was my drinking buddy back when and we haven't talked in years. It broke my heart that she drank so much, even though I did too, because she would drive, and she had two young boys ay home (this was before bug was born). I realized she was a bad influence and stopped seeing her. I recently found out she got a DUI late last year and lost her license. Then she got a drunk and disorderly walking home drunk one night after losing her license. All of this made her lose her job because she's a teacher. I think maybe this is why she was in my dream? Who knows. Craziness.

Sorry for any typos, as I'm on my phone. Off to another day!


  1. So, it's sad that she obviously has a problem with drinking. But that tomato thing made me LOL!!!

  2. that is really too bad. it would be hard not to be able to drive with kids.

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  4. Tomatoes? How odd! I had a dream about tomatoes last night too!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    So excited for you guys starting another round of IVF. MFI sucks! But your daughter is beautiful, and hopefully you can give her a sibling soon!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I am always glad to hear from the ladies going through MFI and planning on IVF with ICSI. I hope to be right behind you on the IVF train, as I should get my timeline on Tuesday at my post-op appointment. I am saving your blog in my reader and hope to be congratulating you shortly ;)

  7. I may not know much about what you're going through medically, but I can definitely relate to funky dreams. Still, I'll probably always think of you as Emms the Tomato Muncher. ;+)

    (This is coming from the woman who gave herself massive hematomas... hematomae?... on both knees and almost broke a toe because I had to chase down the blue shadow man who'd just gone into my son's room. I was *not* sad when his blue lava lamp quit working!)

  8. Happy ICLW!

    Good luck this cycle! It brought back some memories for me to read about your suppression, as its been about 3 1/2 years since that last time I was cycling/doing suppression.

    I also appreciate what you shared about your dream. I have random/weird dreams from time to time and often try to figure out what my subconscious may be trying to process or make sense of in my waking life.

    Thank you for visiting/commenting on my blog.

    ICLW #6