Sunday, March 25, 2012

The joys of hormones

It was a rough weekend.  I was being a completely irrational human being, and I knew it but couldn't seem to stop myself.  K handled it pretty well, for the most part letting it go each time.  There were a few that upset him, and we fought a little, but nothing real bad.  I couldn't even tell you what about.  I just know that I'm taking everything he says personally, even though he's just being, well, him.  He tends to pick on me a lot, and when I'm hormonal I just don't take it well.  So normally I just struggle a little with it, but now it's like I can't seem to remember that he's just picking on me.

Last week at our counseling session we did 30 mins of one on one.  So K told me later that during his time she asked him how he could best support me through this.  He admitted that he could probably pick on me and mock me less.  She advised him that was a good idea.

One of his biggest defense mechanisms to stress is to be funny.  So, the more I get stressed and react negatively to his picking, the worse his picking gets.  Or is that just me thinking it's getting worse?  Who knows.

About 1/2 way through the day it got better.  Probably because I took a cat nap with bug (a late one as she didn't want to nap today).  So, that exhaustion hasn't gotten any better, that's for sure.  And it's not helping!!

Ah well, tis life.  Keep up with the suppression this week.  Hoping that AF shows her face around mid week, but I'm not holding my breath.  If she hasn't shown by Thursday I have to call the RE.  Otherwise, my baseline ultrasound is set for Friday morning, and I hopefully will start Stims Friday night.  Over the weekend K and I have to head to Indiana, my Uncle is doing our taxes.  Nana is watching Bug though, so we get two nights to us.  I think the timing is perfect, I think we could use it to try to refresh mid IVF cycle.


  1. Best of luck this cycle! Hopefully AF shows up without having to call the RE. your baby is beautiful!

  2. I love that the counselor made him come up with the brilliant plan.

    I handle stress with humor, too. Sometimes, I'll admit, I use it to pick on people. I feel like an ass when I do. The other thing that makes me feel *really* crappy is that I have had uncontrollable giggles at completely inappropriate times. During funerals. Not joking.