Thursday, November 17, 2011

So much good!!

First the best news of all, K is coming home tomorrow!!! He has been gone for a month and 1/2 now, and I am SO ready for him to be home! I've missed him SO much. We both went into it not expecting it to be too hard, knowing it was the last time for a while, but for some reason it was really difficult. I think (from my end) because Bug had such a rough go of it for a bit, and for K, he just hated being where he was (especially since he was staying with his slob of a brother, M).

So, K finally managed to get his check ride scheduled, and he was the only one to get it in before the holiday. Thankfully. So he found out the FAA guy doing the ride, and the school told him that he failed everyone the first time around. The pass rate for the check ride in general is only like 20% to begin with. K pretty much didn't care at that point, he just wanted to get it over with and get home. We knew he could do another one once he got here (yes, at more cost to us). So, he had it today and he PASSED!!!! I guess this FAA guy hasn't passed ANYONE in 5 years! So the school then offered him a job, anywhere in the country that they had a school. They basically told him if he could impress this FAA guy, then he really is an amazing pilot.

So, K officially has is CFI/II. The original plan was for him to finish out his IA down there too, but time ran out. So he's gonna come home, we're gonna move, and then we'll figure it out from there. He has a few good options for finishing out the IA soon.

On another good news front, a good friend of mine, H, is being induced tomorrow, and will soon be holding little baby girl P in her arms! Some of you may remember H as my friend who lost her amazing little boy at a tender 31 days old.  Back in March she shared with me that she was expecting again.  We have kept in closer contact since then, and I have seen her a couple of times.  I'm not sure if it's easier for her to see me now that she has another on the way, but it almost seems like it. 

Most recently a few weeks ago we had lunch on my way through T Town for work.  We had a really great conversation, and while I can tell that her son is in her every waking thought, that she is really allowing herself to feel joy with this pregnancy.  I know it's tinged with fear, I know it's going to be a tough 31 days, and then while it may get easier, I'm sure it will remain tough until their little rainbow can verbalize if something is wrong.   We have talked all along about me seeing her soon after the baby is born, and she has agreed to let me stop in the day before Thanksgiving on my way through T Town as we are moving.  I will make a point of seeing her more often than that, and not just when it's 'convenient' for me.  I am so very happy for her, and I absolutely cannot wait to see her and meet her precious little girl!

Tomorrow is my last day at my office here in Indiana.  I am both happy and sad, excited and scared.  I will miss my staff and coworkers here.  I will miss the small office feel (we all got along), I will miss being a part of doing what we did here.  But, I look forward to a million more opportunities at Corporate, I look forward to being a part of all the great new stuff that they are doing in Ohio, and I will enjoy being able to walk into the office of the person that I need help from.  Bittersweet.  I mentioned the LOVE sculpture replica that they got me, so here it is: Love

Have a great night!!!


  1. Here's to many good things here and on the way!

  2. So happy for your friend! I couldn't imagine what she went through. She is amazingly strong.

  3. So glad that the hubby is coming home and that he passed his check ride!!

  4. Okay, I have no freaking clue what most of the stuff about K actually, means, but I know good news when I see it. Congratulations!

    Hope your friend and her family are doing very well.