Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick Updates

K is driving!  I'm So excited!

H went into labor on her own yesterday, shortly after I spoke with her.  In just under 4 hours of labor, and such a quick progression that she went pain med free (and she didn't want to LOL), she delivered beautiful baby P at 9:28 in the evening.  She was 7 lbs, 4 ozs and 20 inches long.  Please keep this family in your prayers, as I know the first 31 days are going to be very difficult for them, while they get past the point that they lost their angel baby. 

Last, a situation that I'm not sure I even ever complained about, our management company for our home that we are renting out back in T Town.  We ended up receiving notice that they were changing companies, and due to the way our contract is written it allowed us an out.  So, I sent them a term notice this morning and we will begin collecting rent directly from the renters in December.  This management company gave us problem after problem after problem... we had to hound them to collect our rent checks to pay mortgage, they wouldn't go over and fix things that needed fixing (including a leaky roof!!!) so we had to get contractors on our own (even though our contract with this company dictated that they were to fix these items), so you can get an idea of how horrible they were.  SO, we are going to be done with them!!

Yippee for keeping the good news coming!!!

Happy Friday!

(could I possibly put any more !! in this post???)


  1. yay! congrats to your friend, i hope the new baby will ease their loss.

  2. I'd be completely jealous of your friend, since her labor was 12 hours shorter than my shortest (and mine was only "that short" because I was maxed out on pitocin)... but the woman has been through enough, and I'm hoping this is just one of many happy breaks in her future.

    Hooray for K being on his way! And for the way out of a bad contract!