Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Pilot Changes

So K was working for a local regional carrier.

And the mainline that that regional carrier did their thing for, well, they closed their hub here.

So the regional carrier ended up losing flights in the mix.

So K went from being domiciled here, to being domiciled in Washington DC.

And he still had lower seniority, so he was only getting a couple of nights worth of hotel room paid for.  And crappy (non) routes as he was getting put on reserve.

So that meant no per diem.  And we had to cover his crash pad.

Seriously people, we were paying for him to work.

It was getting more and more stressful.

So, he went looking.  Well, not really, but he talked to someone that he knows that works at DPJ, and she talked to the Chief Pilot for him.

Interview happened.  Job offer happened.

So, he took it.  Got a raise, became home based.  He's no longer nervous about being 'stuck' in this type of job, he thinks he can still move up to a mainline.

He'll have an 8 day work schedule.  Tuesday to Tuesday.  Consistent, which is NICE in this industry.  I know there will be trips that last longer, and the yearly training will be in his off time, but who cares.  I'll take it.

I told him it didn't matter to me, as long as it didn't harm our family and it made him happy.

So he's currently almost through his 3 week training.

Since I start back to school soon, I'm curious to see how he handles both kids, daycare pick up, dinner, and bed time, when he is home.  It'll be interesting as he's never really had to do it before with both of them.  My mom is going to watch them when he's working on my class days.

I am SO ready for him to be home.  Some days have been easy and others tough.  That's how it goes and I'm OK with that.

But I miss the man.  Oh do I miss him.

I can't wait for his return!!


  1. Ugh. I feel for you! My hubby is about to try for an upgrade to CA. He's #1 in base right now so I am NOT looking forward to his training and then reserve schedule. Sigh.

  2. What a mess with his old job! Yuck! Getting a consistant schedule will be great! Best of luck to him!