Friday, January 13, 2012

That kind of day

First of all, I managed to get out last weekend for a few minutes without K and picked up a couple dollar store tests.  I took one on Monday and it was negative.  However, I still haven't started, I'm still having strange symptoms.  So if she hasn't showed by mid next week I might take another.  Strange.

I scheduled an appointment for next week with a new RE.  We'll call her Dr. A for now.  I also told my Mom, as she'll be doing some of the babysitting while we attempt to go through IVF again.  In the past my Mom wasn't good with all of our IF stuff.  It was really stressful.  I think I told her a little more information about the process then what she knew, and told her that I may not talk about it that much.  It went well.

So, today.  We got weather overnight last night.  It rained all day and was around the mid 40's yesterday.  Then overnight the temp dropped to 18 or so, and the rain turned to ice then snow.  We got probably around 3 inches.  Not really a big deal.  However.

We bought a new car in April, when we thought we'd be staying in Indianapolis, which doesn't get the snow that Northern Ohio gets.  It's front wheel drive..... but.... it drives like rear wheel drive in the snow.  I made it about 10 - 15 mins out (which took like 30 mins) and had to call K to come save me.  I am now working from home as best I can with my work blackberry for email and calling in for meetings.  This weekend will involve either buying a new car OR getting snow tires for this one.  But we knew we'd need to consider getting another new one in another year and 1/2 or so, around the time that we were hoping baby 2 would come along, as this one won't comfortably fit another kid.  Snow tires will cost probably upwards of $1,000, which would SUCK.

We are still mostly living on just my income.  K finally started getting some unemployment, but we don't want to depend on it.

I'm stressed to say the least.  But, it's all good :-)

Happy Friday!


  1. This snow is no fun. Maybe you just need new regular tires? I have front wheel drive and my car drives is all about the tires. Best of luck with all things fertility!

  2. Oh yes, lovely Ohio weather... Can't complain too much though, this has been the "easiest" winter since, um, 2004?!?! Depending on your car, it may or may not be tires. I have a Vibe and even with good, all weather "performance" tires, it's not great in the snow. Good luck honing your snow driving skills!