Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reproductive Endocrinologist?

So, Friday we had our appointment with RE#3 (RE#1 since we moved). Let's call her, hmmmm, how about Dr. Duh. That's what I kind of felt like while we were talking over our history. Once she got down to the nitty gritty she seemed to know what she was talking about, but she just seemed a little air headed or something. We didn't hate her, but didn't love her either.

We honestly walked out both wishing that we had finished what we started back before we moved. We agreed we would have probably used Dr. Erb. Either way, she wants me to get all my cycle testing updated, get an updated sperm analysis and some genetic testing on K. It seemed like these two tests that she wants for him, if they turn out that he has them, she might not want to do IVF w/ICSI with his boys. She gave the impression that she didn't want to play God.

Um. Yeah. Anyone else see any irony here? That's what I thought.

But OK, maybe there are long term repercussions, which we didn't quick think to ask at the moment. So we'll probably get them done.

However. There was another RE here that I had tried to call originally but couldn't get through. So I tried again on Monday, and got through. Set up an initial consult for February 16.

We actually went out to dinner after the appointment on Friday and seriously discussed just stopping the insanity. Just being OK with one kid. This all came up after being slightly disappointed with the RE, with weaning not going well (it's slowly getting better), and just the stress in general. Plus, Bug has been a pill for the last week and a half or so. We really had to talk that one through, discuss the pros and con's to having her be an only child.

But we couldn't agree to that. We want to give it this try. One more time. So I set up this second consult, and we'll see how that goes. Then we'll go from there and make the decision on who we will move forward with. We did agree that if it doesn't work, then we'll stick to our original plan of doing just one IVF, FET if there are any on ice after the IVF, maybe a couple of cycles of donor sperm IUI, and then onto adoption. Still an option if nothing seems to be panning out is to go the one child route.

So much insanity.


  1. I think the line "once she got down to the nitty gritty she seemed to know what she was talking about" really says a lot. Glad you were able to get in with the other RE. Your appointment is the same day as my dad's surgery consult. I'll be thinking of both of you that day. Hooray for coming to a consensus about which way to head from here. If you have to go another way later, so be it.

  2. Wow. Lots of big decisions coming down the pipe for you all. It sounds like you've at least got a plan, which would make me feel better! Sending prayers and hugs.