Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I'm feeling like the last 2 weeks have passed in the simple blink of an eye.  I didn't get to focus as much on ICLW as I wanted, but I definitely got out there and found some new blogs. 

So, I started my new job on Tuesday.  My commute has gone from about 15 minutes to 40 minutes, and that's as long as I leave by 6:40.  If I wait until 7:00 it's more like an hour.  This job is great, I love it already, but it is insanely fast paced.  And the meetings??  OMG.  Put it this way... yesterday I got called into an impromptu 8:00am meeting, then I had meetings scheduled for 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 1:30, 2:00 and 3:00.  Um, yeah.  Getting work done?  I'm not so sure that happens so much.  And crazily, this is a pretty typical schedule as I peek at my calendar over the next couple of weeks. And this is near the Holidays!!  How bad will it be after that?  I don't even want to think about it.

We found a new ped for buggie, and a new daycare although she hasn't started yet.  K was going to keep her home until the first of the year, but I'm thinking he needs to put her in 1 or 2 days a week.  He's just not used to dealing All. Day. Long. with a demanding baby.  He can't spend any time trying to find a new job, our house still needs about 1/2 unpacked, you get the point. 

Next step?  To find a new RE.  That's on the goal list in the next week or so, that way we can get an initial consult scheduled hopefully soon after the first of the year.  I just don't want to wait.  I feel like baby fever is coming on pretty strong.  I'm still handling it well, but it still sucks every month when AF rears her head. 

My new boss, W, made me feel really good yesterday.  Some quick background - the department that I took over has had some serious turn over lately, moral is low, the staff feels neglected and unsure with all of the crazy changes that are taking place in the way my department does business.  So, one of my first things is to hire in two new reps.  My VP is the same VP that I've had (he was originally my director) for the last 5 years.  We get along great.  OK, so I was chatting with W about the resumes that we received and moving forward with my interviews.  We are very worried about losing another rep, and she's the best we have so we really need to keep her.  The VP was telling W that he didn't care if she left, because he knows that I will pull together a great team, and train them well, and we'll have a team that can do what the market now dictates.  We laughed because really, I'm going to train them all?  Um, some of that will be delegated to my other staff members, which is one good reason why I don't want to lose my great rep.  So it made me fell really good, my VP has a lot of hope in me, but that's really a lot of pressure.  I'm not in the most high profile territory for my company, so there's a lot riding on me making things happen.

I love the pressure.  That, however, doesn't make it easy :-)


  1. Holy meetings?! Do they at least provide snacks?? For real. If not, they should get on that!

  2. i know a lot of people would argue with me, but i think daycare is good for kids, they get to interact with other kids their age and play. good for mom and dad to get a little break too. good luck with the new re search. i'm so glad you like your job, that's REALLY important, congrats!

  3. Sounds like life is full. Awesome!