Friday, December 16, 2011

A need to write

I don't know why, but I just feel a need to write.  I don't really have anything to write about, but the day at work today was a little crazy. 
  • I keep wanting to make an appointment with an RE or two, but I'm so stressed about money I feel guilty about doing it.  We just had to pay $1100 to get our car fixed, so that was one more thing. 
  • I'm not sure if anyone remembers V, the boss from hell (you can read about her here).  Well, we now report to the same director again, so we have to work closer.  I got invited to a Holiday Dinner with one of my staff members for a provider that the rep used to handle, but is now handled by a rep under V.  It was cleared for me to go by the provider so I said I would.  The day before the dinner, V called and bitched me out because they were not MY providers, that I hadn't helped them in any way over the year, that it was inappropriate that I go to this dinner especially when she wasn't going, yadda yadda yadda.  I mean, a real c word that I hate but can almost stand using it when talking about her.  I mean really?  It's not a meeting, it's a holiday dinner.  I ended up talking to my director about it, who couldn't understand why V thought it was such an issue and told me to go.  So K and I did, last night.  We had a blast!
  • My cousin had her baby a couple of days ago, she's such a cutie pie!
  • A coworker of mine ran out of here in tears today because they are taking her husband in for an emergency MRI due to some sudden vision loss issues.  They are afraid it's a mass or something.  She lost her mom only a year and 1/2 ago.  Please keep her in your prayers if you are a praying type.
  • One of my staff members (who doesn't work on Friday's) had to rush her daughter to the emergency room today (1 month younger than bug) because she woke up covered in blood that came from her nose and mouth.  They had talked to the ped about her bruising earlier this week at her check up. I am so afraid for her, and I can't wait to get home and hug bug.  Please keep this family in your prayers as well.
  • I am in the process of hiring for two open positions, one I know who I'm going to hire, but I can't find anyone good for the second.  I'm pretty desperate.  My VP has high expectations of me, he 'knows' that I can do a great job hiring, training, and getting great analytical minds on my staff.  No pressure.
  • Christmas is coming too soon, and I'm almost done shopping.  It's a cheap Christmas this year due to the money struggles, but that makes it all the more special.
  • I'm hoping for a date night tomorrow night (with a gift card we have), K and I need it.  We've had a few fights in the last couple of weeks, I think just because of the stress.  But we handle our fights so much better than we used to.  We learned how to TALK.  It's amazing and makes me so happy.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I know I've got some posts I want to comment on, but I have to do all my commenting from my phone... for some reason none of my computers will let me do it.  So know that I'm aware of what's going on!


  1. Girl, I am just sending out love to you and your friends and *beloved* coworkers. Hoping for the best for everyone.

    (In case you're the comparing type, we're about 5% done with Christmas shopping and tonight's trip to FINALLY buy a Christmas tree has just been postponed yet again. *sigh* I may use the "extra" time to order our cards. To send out. For Christmas. 2011. *ohm* You're doing great!)

  2. I know it's amonth later, but are you still looking to hire somebody? Not sure if it fits, but I have a friend who is looking for a PR-type job with a non-profit organization...