Saturday, October 1, 2011

poor bug

First, apologies for typos as I'm doing this post from my cell. Poor bug is sick. Yesterday morning she felt warm but when I took her temp it was normal. About an hour after dropping her off at daycare they called to say she was running a slight fever. An hour after that K had to go get her. It was 101.2 when he picked hee up. We kept it down but this morning its back to 101.4 and I can tell she's miserable. No other symptoms really, except for congestion that has been around but sounds worse today. so its strange. Poor kiddo! I hate not being able to make her feel better.


  1. I am not excited for cold/flu season again! Especially with these little ones. :(

  2. poor bug, we've been passing a cold around here too. i hope she feels better soon.

  3. we've also been passing around a cold/some kind of bug in our house. hope Bug's feeling better by now!!