Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Vent

So, I am a manager of a contracting department.  We are in the process of some expansion efforts, with a deadline of 7/1/11.

Today, one of my contracting reps turned in his two week notice.  He is going to a competitor, so I received approval from HR and immediately escorted him out the door, not to live out the remainder of his notice.  This helps us to hopefully not have him take too much data with him (ha, if he wanted to he probably took it PRIOR to turning in his notice, but whatever, this is how we work). 

So, 3 weeks before deadline, and I am suddenly finding myself doing my job AND his job.  Not to mention, cleaning up the SH** I have found that he did NOT do.  AND, it feels like starting all over with the things he had started, but did not finish contracting.

Ugh.  I need some wine tonight.

Vent done.  Thanks for listening.

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