Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been commenting on others blogs as much as possible, but the last week has been crazy. We packed up the apartment and moved into our new house! I'd post pictures, but the dog broke the camera over the weekend. Yep, the dog did it. I'll tell you that story later though.

So, Thursday was pretty much spent packing, and we all felt good about what we got done. I started spotting here (anyone remember this happening last month too?)

Friday we moved two big loads of boxes and smaller items to the house, and tried to at least get the stuff in the room it belonged in. Some more spotting, I just assumed it was a repeat of last month.

Saturday we did another load of boxes and smaller items in the morning, then the movers came to do all the big, heavy, furniture. Then we spent some time trying to unpack in the afternoon while we still had my mom around. And yes, more spotting.

Sunday we made our last trip with a bunch of stored items (from the house back home) in the morning before my mom left. The afternoon was spent attempting to finish unloading that load and putting stuff away... all while watching the baby. And more spotting. It's getting old now, the move needs to be done and the spotting needs to go away.

Monday, the baby went to daycare, and we went to the apartment to get the last misc items and clean, clean, clean. In the meantime, I got to begin fighting off my Aunt. The bitch decided it was time, after about 20 months of being a no show (thankfully - I'm not complaining about that part) she came, and she came with a vengeance. It felt like a teenage boy was scraping my insides with a dull razor. Yeah, it felt that good. And the sheer amount. I know I was warned about this time coming, but I've never dealt with such an angry, angry aunt.

I was actually enjoying not being among the ranks of this part of womanhood. I mean, really, we all wished this on ourselves as teenagers (at least, those of us late bloomers), didn't we? I know I did... I was 16 when I started, and was embarrassed to tell people that I hadn't (I was a gymnast). Wow, was I ignorant.

It's like the long lost family member that everyone remembered, in the dark recesses of their minds, but tried to forget. That person that you were worried that if you thought too much about them, they just might show up on your doorstep. I don't think any of us missed this family member, not me, not K, and probably not even the dog. Heck, Bug didn't miss it, and she didn't even know what she wasn't missing! Then BOOM. There she is. On my doorstep. Waving the angry red flag saying 'Woo Hoo, Guess who's home? I've missed you, I just KNOW you've missed me too! Now, what kind of yummy greasy food is for dinner tonight (chicken noodle soup)? And Ice Cream for dessert I hope (absolutely), but cake will do if that's all you have' as she pushed her way in, past my wide eyes, while my brain screamed 'no, go away, I'm not quite ready for you yet!!!'

The worst part? I was totally unprepared. One would think 'Hey Emms, you had that cutie pie 11 months ago, wouldn't you have thought that at one time or another, during that long wait, that you would have purchased some care for this much hated anticipated moment?' Nope, nah, not me. I had to dig through a box, in the garage, in the middle of the night with just a liner on, looking for something, anything. At least I found the few pads left from delivery, and didn't have to go out in the middle of the night for something!

Moving is bad enough, but add to it the coursing hormones through my body.... ugh.... I know, I know, it's part of life, blah blah blah. Just wait for the posts once I start the BCP's and injections in preparation for IVF ha ha ha.

I recognize that I even need it back to get this baby making thing going again. But, I was kinda hoping that they would work around it and my 'first' would be the one that they force me to have when starting the process for IVF. Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?

Why, why must she be so mean to me? (insert whiny voice here)

Well, I'm beat up, covered in bruises and sore as all get out. Dealing with the nasty aunt we all know and hate, and back to work today to an inbox full of crap to do. Unpacking will take months I think, especially with K leaving in a few days for work. I guess the good thing is that I didn't, and don't, have most of the symptoms that I used to get with her. No cramping, no migraine, not really even too much moodiness (although you probably can't tell from this post!), just some bloating. Of course, if I HAD those symptoms, I may have been better prepared :-p

The joys of life :-)


  1. congrats on moving into the new house!
    once we decided that i wasn't ready for another baby yet, i went on the pill (lol), but, while the purpose is to avoid getting pregnant, the MAIN purpose is to keep my periods under control, i take them so that i'm not supposed to have any periods at all, but mine are so strong that i still have light periods here and there, yuck.

  2. Ugh- that sucks!!! I hadn't had one in a long time either, but when it started back (about 3 months ago), it was super light, no other symptoms. But this month. Geez. It was bad! However, compared to what it used to be like, still easy. But now I'm afraid for next month...

  3. My periods seem to show up along with major family events... Mad's party, my aunt and uncle coming in to visit. And no, we don't schedule everything for the same time of the month. I'm just that lucky. So I feel for you!

    I hope that you're settling in to your new home now. I'm off to read the rest of your recent posts (but I already glimpsed a peak at news of appointments scheduled... I'm excited for you!)