Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 years ago today

I was waking up after not being able to sleep.

I was grabbing a bagel for breakfast and heading to the hairdressers. We got free donuts that morning from the donut shop across the street. It was a tradition I guess, and they always sent people over.

9 years ago today I cried as we drove past the cemetery where my Nana is buried. She was missing this amazing day, as she had missed others. I missed her so and felt the pain of my loss as I had that night almost 5 years prior.

9 years ago today we were rushing back to my apartment to gather everything we needed, all my girls and my mom. Freaking out because we were running late.

9 years ago today I was feeling blessed as I got ready downstairs in the church. It was Hot Hot Hot outside, abnormally hot for that day in June.

9 years ago today my parents walked me down the aisle and handed me off to my future, my destiny.

9 years ago today I married my best friend. My soul mate. The love of my life. Without him I would be nothing, with him I am fulfilled.


  1. Happy anniversary! Stopping by from ICLWland.

  2. Happy anniversary. What a sweet post about your husband!

    ICLW #53

  3. That's sweet. Congratulations on being married for 9 years!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary! I hope you have another 50 happy years together.

    ICLW #10

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a great celebration!!!

    Happy ICLW #96

  6. Happy Happy Anniversary!

    Your blog seems to appear twice on the ICLW list....

  7. Happy ICLW!

    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!! xx

  8. A couple days late, but happy anniversary! Hope you had a great day together, especially since it looks like those days together are quite a luxury with his work schedule.

  9. Happy Anniversary from ICLW!!

  10. Happy anniversary! Thanks for stopping by and happy ICLW ... your little bug is just beautiful! I'm looking forward to the next milestones here, too. :)

  11. It is a lucky thing to be married to someone who we love and respect so much. I often wonder what I did to deserve such an incredible life partner. Happy Anniversary!

    Here from ICLW - Thanks for stopping by my space earlier this week. We are 16 weeks pregnant after 2 years of treatment, and I have found myself at a loss for words recently. The transition to pregnancy has been so much different than I expected. I'll be looking forward to following your story as you raise your precious little girl.

    Much love - Foxy