Monday, March 28, 2011


Oh my, I cannot believe that I forgot to mention this!  BUT, I think it may just deserve its own post.

So, K and I were discussing our IF treatment options this weekend.  We did this after we joined a sailing club here in our new home town, after being without a club last year (boo!)...

So, I told him that I kinda wanted to try IVF one more time.  Just once.  Just to give him a little one that was biologically his.

His answer?  So do I.

Wow.  That was a big decision that I think we just made really easily.  We had already agreed to start counseling before we started treatment, so I am going to be finding us a counselor in the next couple of weeks.  We agreed just one try.  That if IVF doesn't work this time around, we will go the route of donor sperm and an IUI/AI.  It's just not worth the strain (financially and emotionally) to do it anymore than that.  Especially after the way we handled it (OK, really, the way I handled it) the last time around.

I haven't told anyone yet.  Just you guys know (which I recognize is, like, the whole world wide web, but no one that knows me IRL reads this yet!  In part, for this reason!!)

So, I think we have narrowed it down to two options for a clinic.  The first option is in our insurance network, and will therefore our office visits, ultrasounds and possibly lab work (if they do it right there) will all be paid by insurance and just subject to my responsibility.  I have also received a recommendation for this clinic.  They are also close to work, which is very nice (as those of you that have IF experience, I will be spending some time there!!).  The second clinic is not yet in network, although I have requested them to be recruited.  (OK, and here's where I admit that I am a manager in a contracting department for my health insurance company.  I do not handle the area I live in though, so this rep does not report to me, nor will I be making any decisions that would affect their joining, so no ethics issues here).  This clinic has come pretty highly recommended as well.

We agreed to at least do consults with both, and go from there. 

I'm excited.  I'm nervous.  I'm hopeful.  K told me this weekend that he really does want another baby.  This is great news as so do I! 

Phew.  Wish me luck!  We were planning on starting treatments sometime after Bug turns 1, which is in July!



  1. LUCK!! How exciting this must be for both of you :)

  2. Fantastic news!!! Did you guys go through IVF to conceive your daughter? We also went through IVF once and that was definitely enough for us as well, it is a very emotionally, physically, and financially grueling process. That would be wonderful if you're able to have insurance pay for the monitoring appointments & such, all of ours was out of pocket! Very excited for you guys as you begin this next journey & hoping the consults with the two clinics go well.

  3. Exciting news! Hopefully now that you know some of what to expect and what to watch out for, this time will not be so incredibly taxing. And here's hoping that everything comes together, the planets align and whatever else needs to happen so that you get your IVF baby.

  4. It's very exciting!

    Rebecca - we tried IVF and had 3 failures.. two cancelled cycles and one BFN. Bug was actually concieved with a Sperm Donor.

    Shan - I agree. I think that knowing what to expect, and seeking counseling from the get go will help. We both really really want K to have a bio child if we are going to do the treatments. I love being pregnant, so I really really want to carry again.

    Thanks for all the well wishes!