Monday, March 28, 2011

Nursing at Daycare

So, I have been extremely fortunate in that the daycare we put Bug in is very close to my work.  So, every day at lunch I go and nurse her.  I love it because I get to see all the different things that they do with the babies, I get to see the good and the bad days, and I've gotten to know the teachers really well.  Overall it's been a great experience, and I can probably count on less than two hands how many days I have not been able to go due to work duties interfering.

So, one day last week after I nursed her and was leaving she fussed a little.  This was new, but one of the teachers occupied her while I left and she was all good.

This weekend she go her oh so known congestion.  The congestion that comes about every few weeks, and last time she had it turned into Pneumonia.  Bummer.  Poor little thing. 

So, this morning she wasn't feeling real well.  That was evidenced in the number of times she woke up last night, which, of course, left mama tired this morning too.

I went to nurse her at lunch, and she had just spit up pretty much everything in her tummy shortly before.  Needless to say, she was hungry and NOT in the mood to wait for the letdown.  Finally she held on long enough between cries and got her letdown.  She fell asleep while nursing, so I put her in the crib and patted her back for a few before I got ready to leave.  She ended up waking up and crying before I had made it away from her crib.  As it wasn't her actual nap time, I went ahead and picked her up and calmed her down (because it was very very unhappy crying).  So, she calmed down and I snuggled with her a little more then passed her off to one of the teachers (that she normally loves!).  Bawling ensued.  I'm not sure if it's just because she doesn't feel well, or if the dreaded separation anxiety is hitting.  Or maybe a bit of both.  Either way, it was heartbreaking and I didn't like it.  Not. One. Bit.

My poor little buggy.  I really hate that I can't just make it all better.

K got the stomach bug that I had this weekend.  Except his only lasted 24 hours, lucky dog.  He was down for the count for that time frame though, poor guy... I felt his pain.  He apologized for not taking good enough care of me while I was sick, it was really cute.

He's out of here again Thursday morning.  Catching his flight out at 6:00am.  Luckily the crew security line goes fast, so he doesn't have to be there at like 4:00am.  But, I'm gonna really really miss him.  His due home date is 4/15, which is the day AFTER my birthday.  Oh well, that's how it goes.  I just hope that they don't keep him out again this month like they did last month.  I feel like we've only had about 2 weeks together in the last 9 weeks or so.

Ahh the life of a pilot's wife!!



  1. Sorry she's not feeling well again. Fynn has been sick several times already. Heartbreaking AND it drives me up the wall (I can tell you who got her/us sick each time; only once did it happen before the person knew he was sick).

  2. Poor Fynn! It really is heartbreaking, you wish you could make it better, but you just can't!!