Friday, March 25, 2011

Sick Sick Sick..> TMI ALERT

Me, not bug.  It was HORRIBLE!  I caught this awful stomach bug!  Of course it happened when Kev and I were cleaning out our house back where we are from to get it rented out.  Needless to say I was worthless.  I caught this stomach bug that's been going around.  It started with vomiting, then moved onto (TMI alert) diarrhea.  Sunday evening the vomiting stopped, but the diarrhea kept up through Monday (and a 4 hour drive home!), Tuesday (and unpacking and switching stuff from the trailor, garage and apartment), Wednesday (and attempting to clean the apartment), and Thursday (and going back to work).  I had the ache's and pains with it.  Pepto Bismal was my best friend.  Of Course, this was all during a few days off of work right after Kev got home from being away for almost 3 weeks, and Bug was going to daycare.  Adult time was planned.  For those of you Pilot Wives and young babies ~ you know how important this is!  Needless to say, Adult time was not happening.  Stupid stomach bug.  Ugh.  Sucky sucky sucky.

On another note, I received some milk bags in the mail from S2, the second mama that I donated milk to.  I thought that this was extremely sweet!  It was not necessary, as like I told her, I would be pumping and freezing anyways, but it is also very much appreciated.  I go through SO many of those milk bags it's not even funny.  Except for this week, as I'm trying my hardest to keep myself hydrated during this stomach bug issue.

Kev leaves again already next Thursday :-(  they kept him out long this last month, and that was after keeping him out long the month before... then him getting called out for a few days during his one week home.  It really sucks.  It's gets very lonely sometimes when he is gone, we have only been living in our new city for just under 2 years.  Needless to say, being pregnant and then with a young baby hasn't been conducive to making a lot of friends.  BUT, I wouldn't change it for anything.  We're living the dream, Kev is working his dream job (although not dream company LOL), I'm loving my job, we have our long awaited baby.  I really couldn't ask for anything more.  So I just take deep breaths on my tough days and move on.  It'll all come together, and I'm working on the friend front.

In fact, I need to text the one that I'm working on now and see if we're still on for the fish fry at church tonight!! 

Happy Friday everyone!


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