Friday, March 1, 2013


So, we did see the infectious disease doc for Bug. He really made me feel SO much better about things. He agreed with my worry, that it was still part of the initial outbreak. He said that the antiviral will keep anything new from popping up while one is on it, but that when you come off of it you may still experience some symptoms as the illness finishes running it's course. Because she has had no other immune issues, he was in no way worried and advised that he didn't even want to do another round of the anti viral.

He reiterated that a huge percentage of people (like 80 or 90%) have the virus in their system by the time they're in their 20's or so. He spent a lot of time with us, going over Bug's history, checking her out and agreeing that the spots she had were herpes sores (the ped wasn't so sure), and just in general talking with us about herpes. It was interesting as he shared with us that there are some (unproven) schools of thought that when the initial outbreak is severe (as Bug's was), those people rarely exhibit symptoms again in their lifetime. I'm crossing my fingers that this is the case for Bug.

He also said that if a baby catches it at 4 weeks or less they treat very aggressively and immediately admit to the hospital. Goose was just shy of 4 weeks when Bug caught this, and luckily he never exhibited any symptoms. The doc explained that due to the fact that I obviously have the virus (I get cold sores rarely) and that he was still working with my immune system on top of breastfeeding probably saved him from catching it. Thank God. I was so worried, so scared, but it sounds like chances are he won't catch it at this point. Bug also seems to be getting over it for the most part, although I do find the starting of sores here and there but then they disappear in a day or so and never even 'explode' so to speak. So, I think we really are past the worst of it!!

On another note, I took Goose to a pediatric gastroenterologist this week to discuss his reflux issues. She wants him to have an upper GI, which I have to do yet, and she added a second dose of Prilosec in at night. We've been doing that for a couple of days and I think it's helping a bit, as long as I can get him to keep the dose down. His sleep for the last week has been horrible, but that could be a million things, after all, he is just shy of 9 weeks old.

Yep, that's what I said, he's 9 weeks old already! And at his GI appointment he weighed in at a whooping 12 pounds flat. He is my oinker, that's for sure!!!

Yep, I've spent a lot of this maternity leave dealing with medical issues. **sigh** I think it's a bit of a blessing that I was on leave for a lot of this though.

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  1. First, whew! I'm so glad she's okay, he's okay, you and K are okay!

    Second, I've been checking my bloglist for updates, but this didn't show up. Grr, Blogger, not cool.

    Third, nine weeks?!? (And yeah, it is sort of a blessing, but sheesh!)