Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stuff and things

My poor little goose hasn’t been feeling well.  He got his 2 month shots last Wednesday, and Saturday he started running a fever.  It was more than 24 – 48 hours after the shots, so I think it was something else.  As of yesterday he seemed to be feeling a little bit better, but my poor little guy who isn’t a cuddler, was quite the cuddler Saturday and Sunday (which was nice).  But poor Bug was feeling left out and by Sunday evening just needed some attention.  I even called K to see when he’d be done with work on Sunday because I felt so bad for her.  K said today he was drooling like mad, so I'm wondering if teething is starting, or maybe it's a growth spurt, who knows. 

K’s oldest brother Chris came into town last night for a week for work.  He lives on the other side of the country, so we planned on dinner with him last night and again including their mom later this week.  I had a really important stressful meeting at work today, so we decided that K would go grab a beer with Chris after he helped put the kids to bed, so as not to cause me to be out late, the kids to be up late, etc etc.  So, yesterday towards the end of the day at work I texted K to make sure he talked to Chris, the text went like this:

Me: Did you talk to Christ? And can you call your aunt and see if we can email her the stuff then mail the originals?  (she’s doing our taxes)
K: I did talk to Christ, he said change my ways or I’m going to hell
K: (obviously noting that I didn’t realize my mistake) Read your text QT
Me: Ahhhhh LOL that’s too funny

On another funny, as I was putting on my underwear after my shower tonight I found a tab from a newborn diaper attached to the tag of my undies.  


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  1. Ha, love the text, it made me laugh out loud :) And it's so hard isn't it, wanting to give all your attention to both of them and just not having enough to go around? I'm really struggling with that. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!