Saturday, February 18, 2012

And it begins....

So we met with RE#4 on Thursday.  SO much better than Dr Duh.  We'll call him, well, Dr McFunny.  He had a great sense of humor (towards the end of our conversation K was just straightforward and asked him 'this isn't your first rodeo, right? and Dr McFunny looked at him all innocently and said 'yep, it is.  I think I'm doing a good job so far, don't you?  ha ha ha).  The sense of humor I think helped win K over as that is the kind of person he is.  By the end of our 50 mins or so with him, K and I agreed that he was our guy.  So that day, we got an ultrasound just to see how everything looked, a mock transfer to make sure that the cath still went in smooth, blood work for both K and I, urinalysis for both K and I, and an SA for K.  The meds were ordered either Friday or will be on Monday.  They sent us home with the 'pen' that we'll use for part of the injections.

We're really doing this. HSG.  Then it's just a matter of finishing weaning Bug.  K and I agreed to come up with a plan this weekend to do so.  As long as we do, then on day 21 they'll check my progesterone, and as long as I ovulated I'll start the Lupron that night.

For those of you followers that are not IF, Lupron is the suppression part of IVF.  It basically puts my body into pre-menopause.  It keeps me from ovulating.  Then once I have a period I'll have a baseline ultrasound, and we'll get started with the stims (that feed the eggs).

We are both excited and nervous all in the same.  We talked last night and still agree just one go round of IVF, and then FET with any frozen embryo's that we may have.  We agreed to consider one round to include retrieval and transfer, so cancelled cycles don't count.

The meds protocol is different than what I've done in the past, so I'm curious about that.  Lupron is the same (hated it, I can tell how much fun I'll have with menopause), but the food is different.  Sounds way better.  But last time I did progesterone suppositories during the TWW (two week wait between transfer and beta, or blood test).  This time I'll do PIO, which is progesterone in oil, and I've heard it sucks.

Here goes nothing.  It's in God's hands, and Dr McFunny's hands on if we get pregnant with a baby that is biologically K's.  The stress level is different as we haven't been 'trying' even though we haven't been preventing.  It's not our first rodeo, so we knew going into it what we needed to do, and that saved us time, stress, and money.

Now, to stress about cleaning out savings while K still doesn't have a job.  But now is the time to do it.  We can be broke for the next few years if it means giving Bug a sibling, at least giving it a try.


  1. yay!! i'm so excited for you! good luck!

  2. Sending lots and lots of prayers and positivity your way! And to Bug - that she won't give you too hard a time on the whole weaning thing :)