Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bug: operation keep mama awake

So, i'm a little upset with dada. Last week he had to go and be all sweet to mama and let her get some sleep while he tended to me in the middle of the night and early in the morning. Just when i had her trained, had her sorta functioning on short nights with lots of wake ups where i demanded to be nursed and nothing less. By the end of the week i figyred out what he was doing and went back to sleep easy for him. But mama? Allowing THis insanity to happen? I am not ok withit. Therefore i began operation wake mama/keep mama awake. For all youother babies out there (baby E i am dedicating this to you) here is what i have done so far.

Thursday night: made mama think i was going to let her sleep. I had to ease her back in. I kinda woke her up around 2, but let her fall back to sleep. Then woke her again around 4, fussed until just before i knew she would get up then stopped. Let her fall almost back asleep and did it again. Did this over and over until just before 5, then rocketed her out of bed with the perfect screams. Then when she came in to get me i stepped up the screams a notch to bloody murder. But i did it with my eyes closed so she knew i was tired and would try to get me back to sleep. I screamed until she stuck her boob in my mouth. Ah sweet mamas milk.

Now do not worry as soon as i was done nursing i continued to yell the whole time mama got ready for work, until she had a few minutes to play with me (since we were so early) then i giggled and laughed and practiced my standing. I was overall my adorable self that she cannot help but to smile and love on me.

Friday night: rinse and repeat, but moved the times up by 30 minutes, including getting up around 430ish. I screamed and screamed while she tried to hush me until she gave me some mamas milk. Then i just fussed but wouldn't go back to sleep even though i was tired. Until i made her nurse me again, around 620, right about the time she wouldnt be able to go back to sleep.
ha ha ha mama.

Then at nap time on saturday, i slept only 20 minutes then was wide awake. I knew she had to be somewhere at 3, so i stayed awake until 2 then decided to go back to sleep and sleep just late enough that she was late to her obligation, which happened to be work.

Oops! That will teach her to try to catch up on her sleep debt.

I love you mama but i am not sure yet how i will let you sleep tonight. Just bring on the boobies for me and i will be happy for a little while.


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  1. Dear Bug-
    WTG!! We'll teach those mommas who's boss, won't we?! Who are they to think they have any control whatsoever over anything we do?! Sad, confused women. I like mine better when she's tired. She's goofier and makes me laugh more. I'll send ya a FB message about 2:15 and we can plan our next attack!
    Love ya,
    baby E