Thursday, September 1, 2011

2005, year 6

I love this story.  Every time I think of it I laugh out loud.  Poor K, this story is all about him. 

Back in the day K had the BIGGEST crush on Julia Stiles.  I mean, the kind of crush that brought out the 'if you were allowed to sleep with any celebrity and not get in trouble, who would it be' conversations.  She was always, always, always at the top of his list.  I thought it was cute :-)

So, in 2005 we travelled to Omaha, Nebraska for K's youngest brother, M's, wedding.  He was the last to get married off, and K was his best man and I was a bridesmaid.  So we spent the week there helping with everything.  A few days before the wedding, we did the bachelor/bachelorette parties.  While they started out separately, we all ended up at the bar where the then happy couple met. The guys were there first.  I was the DD that night, so had only had about 1 drink all night.  But the guys, and the girls were all, well, wasted.  K included.

So we walk in the bar, and K sees me and comes over to say hi.  I can tell he's pretty lit and find it really darn amusing in my very sober state.  So we chat for a second, and then his eye's light up.  I mean, like a kid on Christmas light up.  He leans in and (stage) whispers to me (oh yeah, that was because he was too drunk to realize it was louder than he wanted LOL) 'you gotta come see this Emms, you really gotta come see this.'  He proceeds to grab my arm and drag me across the room to the bar.  We stop, he lets go, and looks at me expectantly.

Um, yeah, I had NO idea what I was looking at.  So, apparently the quizzical look in my eye's finally let him know that, and he leaned forward, and (stage) whispered to me again 'look behind me.'  Luckily, it was loud at the bar, and everyone was drunk, so I don't really think anyone heard.

Because I had no idea what I was looking for, I tried to be kind of casual about it as I turned around and scanned the crowd.  Who do my eyes fall on but...


OK, OK, it really wasn't her, but this wasn't one of those 'you remind me of...' or 'has anyone told you that you look like....' situations.  I mean, this girl WAS Julia, without really being her.  If that makes sense.  I mean, I was even kind of star struck, even though I knew that there was no way that M knew Julia Stiles and we never knew it.  I think I even stared for a minute, eye's wide open, mouth ajar.  Surprised.  Then I shook myself out of it and turned to find giddy eyed K practically dancing at the bar with excitement.

It turns out it was the wife of a friend that M went to high school with.  No, her name was NOT Julia.  But I'm telling you, it was uncanny.  So we ended up talking quite a bit that night (and the next few nights as well), as she turned out to be sober too. 

Because I am me, and cruel like this, I decided to share K's immense crush with this woman.  She got QUITE the kick out of it and we enjoyed playing poor, drunk K up for the rest of the night as she flirted with him.  I'm betting he had pleasant dreams that night!!

Needless to say, M is now divorced and dating, well, a crazy woman.  Yep, gotta love my in laws :-)

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