Friday, February 4, 2011

Hodge Podge

I have been moody for the past two days.  Today is so ugh worthy it's unbelievable.  But for no good reason!  I mean, got some stress going on at work, and Kev is about to leave on Sunday again; probably for 2 weeks.  But I shouldn't be so UGH!!!

So, he's sending me out for a beer after work.  So out I go.  Just for one beer (well, probably a glass of wine) then home to him and Bug and pizza for dinner.  Ahh, that sounds so nice.  Plus he promised me a bath this weekend.

Maybe it's the mix of the stress at work, plus the illness of a long time family friend.  This couple, O and A, have been in my life since before I was born.  They are great people.  O is in her late 60's I think, and A is in his 70's.  Well, A has been sick for a long time, and recently developed an infection in both valves of his heart.  He is in the hospital back in Toledo, and I have been advised that they are just making him comfortable now.  That sucks.  Especially as I don't see how I can make it to see him since Kev flies out on Sunday.  It's a long drive there, and back, especially with a baby that's on a very tight schedule.  :-(  Sad times.

Plus my apartment complex has me furious.  They were SO unprepared for this ice storm that we got it isn't even funny.  They dug the office out, but haven't dug out any of the other sidewalks through out the entire complex!!  People that have shovels are digging themselves out!  Then, they ran out of salt and can't get any more until Tuesday!!!!  The entire walkways are sheets of ice.  I've been lucky and haven't fallen yet, but I did slip on my way out this morning and kept a hold on Bug's carseat, but slipped enough that it hit the ice with a thud and slid into a parked car (that was parked in a no parking zone) before I managed to right myself.  I'm SO pissed.  Especially as yesterday the sun heated the ice up enough that when people walked they were breaking through versus staying on top of the ice.  Which means they could have gone out and shoveled!  PLUS, they closed the office for 2 days - even though 3 of them live in the complex - because the County said not to drive.  But they couldn't walk to work, oh no, mind you, they won't do what they expect the residents to do!!  What do I pay them for?!

I left a message for the manager this morning around 9:30 or so, it's now almost 2:00 and have not received a call back yet.

I emailed the corporate office out of TN.

Oh yeah, and I emailed a news station here.

Turns out, I'm not the only one who did either.  One of my neighbors was able to name off 6 or so people that have fallen a total of 16 times since this storm on their ice filled side walks.  Mind you, my work's sidewalks, daycare, the grocery store, everyone else managed to get theirs taken care of.  UGH.

That's right.  It's my daughters safety at stake here, I DON'T TAKE THAT LIGHTLY.

So Kev went out and bought sand to put on the sidewalk to gain traction, and I kindly let Corporate know that I would be taking the cost of that sand off of next months rent.  Yep, because I pay them to take care of this, and if they don't and I have to, I'm not paying for it!!!

I think I'm done.  For now.


  1. Dropping in from Mama Blog. I can't imgine what you went through to have Bug... but kids are worth anything, aren't they?

  2. They really are worth the joys and pains! It's amazing how much they take over your heart right from the get go.