Thursday, February 24, 2011

The life of a Pilot's wife....

I know, crazy!  Two posts in one day after almost 2 weeks!

So, I called Kev at lunch today and he didn't answer.  So I turned my ringer up to hear it if he called back, and promptly forgot that I did so.

So, 3:00 rolls around and we have a weekly conference call with a lot of departments within my company in regards to expansion efforts.  We have been talking, so we are NOT on mute.  Can you see where this is going?  Suddenly, out of nowhere, my phone rings, loudly, and the sounds of Uncle Kracker singing 'Smile' fill the room.  Kev's ring tone.  I hit mute on the conference phone and hurriedly ignore the call.


The entire room erupts into laughter. 

So, the meeting ends and I go listen to my voice mail.

'Man (one of his pet names for me), Um, I did what I wasn't supposed to do.'  He sounds all forlorn, and after our conversation today where he told me first that we were moving to China with no internet or computer and then he said he was going to throw the computer out the window, so I got worried.  I said he wasn't allowed to throw the computer out the window.  Don't get me wrong, his frustrations with this computer are justified.  However. 

Can we all see where my thoughts went?  His laptop just died and we need to buy a new one, please tell me he hasn't killed the desktop too!!!

Focus on the message Mandi.  So I do.  'I answered the phone.'  For a moment I think to myself 'why is that not OK?' Then my mind reminds me that I am a pilots wife.  Answering the phone when you shouldn't means one thing.  He has to work.

'And I have to fly out tonight.'

Oh man, I got him for less than a week!  So I call him back, and luckily it's just for tonight.  He should be back sometime tomorrow.  Which is nice because afterwards I realized that I almost had to cancel going to my girls weekend.  That woulda been a bummer!  I'll fill you in on the Girls Weekend after it happens this weekend.

So, he was awesome.  He had already called daycare and let them know that I would be there around 5ish instead of him picking her up around 3ish.  He took the dog out so that I don't have to worry about it too much.  Oh yeah, and he brought my keys to me at work as I forgot them this morning and therefore had a car key but no house key.  That was why he got called, I just know it.  It's like washing your car to ensure that it rains!  I forgot my keys so he wouldn't be home!

Oh well, I do love my alone time with Bug.  We do a lot of bonding :-)

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