Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let kids be kids

OK, I’ll admit it.  I’m type A.  Like seriously Type A.  And I want everything to go my way.  And I always want to be in control. It NEVER works.  Huh.  Dealing with first infertility, and then raising kids (and hey, I’m only 3 ½ years into it!) i have learned that I CANNOT control everything.  No matter how hard I try.  I’ve struggled with that.  More so with Bug as I’ve learned that it won’t work, and I’ve learned to let go of the control and go with the flow.  It’s been hard, but I know I’m doing better. But there are some things that just never even crossed my type A mind.  Bug loves to be a kid.  I mean loves it.  Who doesn’t at this age, right?  If there’s puddles outside, she plays in them.  Jumps in them.  Runs through them.  LOVES them.  And you know what?  Good for her!  I don’t care!  In fact, I encourage it!  Let’s play in the rain and the puddles, let’s get wet and yes, a little dirty.  Let’s have FUN while we allow our children to be KIDS. After every rain I have to take her soaking wet pants off as soon as we get home. And I don't care. The smile on her face, the rosy glow of her cheeks, it makes it all worth it. The other week I picked up the kids from daycare.  We have had a horrible winter.  Lots of snow and cold.  We probably had around 15 or so inches of snow just hanging out on the ground.  Then we had a random day of mid 30’s temps.  Snow melt begin.  The next day it hit mid 40’s.  Snow melt continue.  Then it rained.  Like thunder storms along with those mid 40’s.  Yes, gotta love weather. Needless to say, those 15 inches of snow began to melt, along with the incoming rain. So when I picked them up there was still snow on the ground.  And puddles of water.  I put Goose in the car and Bug got herself stuck in a snow drift.  She called out to me to help, all the while with a big smile on her face.  I just laughed and went back to get her. On my way to do so I heard the woman in the car one spot away from me (the one in between was open) as she was getting ready to put her second kid in the car.  He had been standing on the sidewalk waiting, and as he headed to her he steered very clear of a lake very small puddle.  Like really went all the way around it. His mom proceeded to praise him.  “Oh honey, thank you so much for going around that puddle.  It makes me so proud that you went around it!  I am so so happy that you did so” and went on like this for way too long. That poor little boy is being robbed. Robbed of some serious fun that ALL kids should be allowed to have. Because really, even as an adult, who can say they don’t want to, just once, dance in the rain with the loves of their lives. That’s our chance to be kids again.  Because kids are carefree and like to play in the rain and the water.  They like to splash around and giggle. And they SHOULD BE ALLOWED.  Yes, their pants will get wet.  Yes they may get a little dirty.  We all do laundry, they’ll come clean.  Unless they’re white pants.  And what are you doing putting a kid in white pants anyways?  In the middle of winter? Please moms and dads, don’t forget how much you loved having fun in the rain as a kid.  Please don’t take that away from your babies.  Let your kids be kids while they still have the chance to do so.  

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