Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which daughter are you anyway?

So, I've always considered B a daughter. I mean, I know she's a dog, but she was our first baby girl. She ticks me off sometimes but I love her so much. So, part of what we trained her on long ago was how to take treats. She has to sit and can't take the treat being held out to her until the person giving her a treat says the magic word - come.

So, bug and I were at the grocery store the other day. We were at the deli counter getting some lunch meat. I love my kroger because they always make sure they are slicing it like you want, and then give you a piece. Bug loves it too, as she always gets this freebie. So, I get the piece of meat and hold it out to her, then turn back to the counter. After a few seconds my distracted mind realizes I'm still holding it so I look back to bug. She is going back and forth between looking at me and the meat. So what do I do? I look back at the counter at the same time I'm saying 'come.'


Was I just sitting there picturing my 80 pound boxer sitting in the baby seat on the cart? On her haunches, panting and begging for the treat?

Now I'm not easily embarrassed, but I felt somewhat mortified.

So I'm telling K this story the other day while giving bug a bath (yep, he rented a car and drove home for like 29 hours!) And I start to tell it and find myself laughing. Deep breath, start again, laugh harder. By the fifth try I'm laughing hysterically, with tears rolling down my cheeks and still haven't managed to spit the story out. K is washing bug and looking at me with this quizzical look. I finally manage to tell it and am met with only the sound of bug in the tub. He's not laughing or anything. All I could say was 'i guess you just had to be there.'

Oh boy.

So I had a crazy dream last night in the 2 whole hours of sleep I got (all me, not bug) was about having another baby. I was in labor at the hospital but in a big room of people on my street clothes. Only K is there and I suddenly scream out that my baby is crowning and the baby slid right out. Apparently my psycho mind decided the baby was part alien because the umbilical cord was coming out of the mouth...um, ok. The baby was 8 pounds 5 ounces. At this point in the dream I am screaming for someone to save the baby. Then someone cuts the cord and the baby starts to cry... at which time I wake up to realize it is bug crying. I nurse her, go back to sleep and have almost the exact. Same. Dream. The only difference is that I'm in a hospital gown and a nurse cuts the cord. So weird.

So, want to say that im working on getting some pictures of teeth. Bug has had other ideas. She has been very uninterested in showing the blogosphere her adorable little teeth. I'll get them yet though, don't you worry!

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  1. Whoo, that's a freaky dream alright.

    Looking forward to that picture, but I know how hard it is to get.