Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Friend H

Some of you may remember H.  She was the friend of mine that had a little baby boy 2 days after my Bug was born.  And had to say goodbye to that precious little boy at a very young 31 days of age.

She then welcomed her first daughter in November 2012.

She then unexpectedly found herself pregnant again.

Well, just a few weeks ago she welcomed her third baby, her second daughter, into this world.  We had lunch just about 2 weeks before she was induced, just days before her due date.  She was ready to have that baby, and her daughter is just adorable.

I continue to pray for her as she comes close to that 31 day mark that I know is the hardest time for her to get through with her babies.

And as Bug nears her birthday (that's another post, later!), I remember H's sweet little boy that will be celebrating his 3rd birthday up in heaven with all the other angels.

And I know that as time goes by H spends her days crazy with 2 little girls under 2, and I know she remembers with both happiness and sadness the little boy that is missing.  She memorializes him in so many ways.  And reaches out and allows God to be her comfort.  I can only hope that I can learn from the strength she has exhibited in the last 3 years.  She really is an amazing woman, and her husband is an amazing man, and together they really do make an amazing couple.

Lots of love being sent their way.

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  1. Hoping all is well with you, your family and your friend. <3