Saturday, July 6, 2013

11 years

So I missed the day in terms of blogging, but K and I just celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary on June 22.

11 years.

I think about all we've been through in that time, and it amazes me.  So I thought I'd do a brief timeline, because unfortunately I've been sick, and my head has been hurting to migraine level.  But I have 5 minutes and want to take advantage of it, so here goes.

January 2000 - We started a 4 hour class on Microsoft Office at our local community college.  A few weeks in was when K got caught by a train and stuck sitting next to me.  The teachers name was Ms. Love.  K and I never looked back.

December 2000 - We moved in together.

March 2001 - Got Engaged.

June 2002 - Got Married.

2003 - We agreed to finish college before we started a family.  So we decided to look for a house.  We purchased a house, closing on my Birthday in April of 2003.

2004 - We continued to work full time and trudge our way through school.  We had fun, drank too much, did some travelling.  It was a pretty uneventful year.

2005 - K graduated from college.  We got cable for him as I had one more year (yep, it's one of those oddities I remember).  We bought a sailboat, learned to sail, had lots of fun and partied a lot.  Got our dog.

2006 - I graduated from college.  Took a 3 week trip to Europe.  Did so much that we wanted to, explored, enjoyed long meals and walks, lots of good wine and tons of culture.  Threw out the birth control and started trying to get pregnant.

2007 - Started seeing doctors for our now diagnosed infertility.  Continued to enjoy making new friends and identifying new hobbies.  Worked on our house a lot.  Did a lot of gardening and canning.

2008 - Did our first 3 rounds of IVF, with our final attempt coming down to a BFN on July 25, 2008.  This is where we had some marital issues.

2009 - Tried to sell our house in T Town.  I moved to Indianapolis, K stayed in T Town.  We worked things out and we spent weekends together.  K went back to school to get his pilots license.  Got pregnant through unconventional methods.

2010 - Welcomed our awesome daughter, Bug, into our lives on July 25. Cleared out the house in T Town and decided to think about renting it instead of selling it.  At the end of the year K got a job with the company he was a 727 Mechanic for as a Flight engineer on a 727 (cargo).

2011 - Got renters into our house.  Started discussing the possibility of having a second child.  Made the decision to give IVF ONE more fresh cycle chance (cancelled cycles not counting) and any frozen transfers if we had any frozen embryos.  Met with a couple of RE's in Indianapolis.  K got furloughed after the company his employer contracted with went under.  Made the move to Cleveland.

2012 - Met with 2 more RE's in Cleveland, picked a doc.  Weaned Bug, started IVF.  CONGRATS!  Success, we were going to get to see what OUR baby looks like!  K started flight instructing.

2013 - Welcomed our son Goose into the world.   Excited that when I do this summary in another 10 years, there won't be years where my summaries mainly center around infertility and treatment.  We are Done building our family, and content!  K got a job as a co-captain flying a mining companies West Wind.  He continues to flight instruct to get to his 1500 hours so he can get his ATP.

It's been an amazing 11 years married, 13 years together.  We've been through heaven and hell, we loved and hated each other.  But we always found our way back to our love, and in the process we really realized what it meant to love another adult (and what it meant to love children more than yourselves!).  We learned how to work through our difficult times.  We learned that we really can weather any storm.  I love K, with all my heart.  I wouldn't trade our lives, our troubles, our happy times, for anything in the world.  We are who we are individually and as a couple because of each and every moment we have lived through together.

Thank you K, for choosing me to spend your life with.  I love you more than you'll ever know.