Thursday, September 27, 2012

6 months!

I can't believe it!  I'm 6 months, and I'm officially a little over a week past viability, at 25 weeks 3 days.  It's amazing, and I love it!!  I'm finally gaining a little weight, and I'm officially up 14 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, which is up 4 pounds since my last OB appointment a little over 2 weeks ago.  I finally have gotten past the stress related weight issues I think!!!

Work is still insane, still very stressful, and I'm still trying to work on hiring.  I've interviewed some good candidates, but I don't want to hire until I've interviewed everyone I'm interested in, and HR is taking their sweet old time.

K and I have had a couple of counseling appointments now, and everything is going good.  The counselor thinks that we are heading down the right path and we are working very hard on the open lines of communication.  I really appreciate everyone's sweet words on my last post, it means a lot to me.  We are going to work through this and come out stronger on the other side.  It won't be easy, but we will make it.

K20 is moving like crazy, way more than Bug ever moved around.  I've got insane heartburn and am ALWAYS exhausted.  I'm more uncomfortable at this point then I was with Bug, I just feel like this baby is constantly pushing out all sides of my tummy.  I think I'm having some braxton hicks contractions too.  Otherwise I'm feeling great though!

Bug is doing awesome.  We've had the second early intervention appointment, and they said that she is doing 3 year old things on all her other skills, but they can already say she'll qualify for help on the speech (has to be less than 25%, but I don't know her stats just yet).  We will have another appointment with them on October 15, and then we'll start once a month appointments with them.  We'll have to start weekly speech therapy as well, and unfortunately I do not think it will be covered by insurance.  I don't know that for a fact yet, it all depends on how it would be coded, but from my years in the industry I suspect that it will be coded in a way that translates to learning disability (not that she has one; it's all about coding here), and that is something that isn't covered in Ohio (other states I know mandate some level of coverage).  The biggest bummer about that is that we are struggling financially right now, and K is about to start losing hours as the weather gets worse out and he has less students able to fly, which means less money.  Then when I'm on maternity leave I'll only get 2/3 of my pay.  But that doesn't matter - we will do whatever we have to for Buggie, and to get her the help she needs!!!

I love that little girl more than anything in the world.  She can be tough some days and leave me in tears, but that's OK.  She's such a sweet, good natured little girl.  I know her tantrums are from the speech issues, and we'll work through those.  Otherwise she loves to giggle and roll around wrestling with daddy (not so much mommy these days, the tummy is getting in the way).  She's been such a mama's girl lately, and it's SO sweet!  Tonight when I was putting her to bed, after our whole routine I asked her if she was ready to go night night.  She shook her head yes, but then when I went to put her into the crib (we are working on getting her more comfortable with her BIG GIRL BED) so we do our singing and cuddling there right now, but haven't fully done the transition, yikes, she didn't want to go.  So we sat on the glider and cuddled for a bit longer.  It was so precious, and I held onto it so tight, knowing it won't last forever.  Then I put her in the crib and she went to sleep.  Oh man do I love that little girl.

So yes, we bought her a big girl bed.  It's crowding her room along with the crib right now, but we're hoping a slow transition will make it easier.  I figure right now we are looking at 6 months before we'll need the crib, between finishing out the pregnancy and K20's time in the bassinet.  So if we can get her transitioned within the next 3 months, then we have 3 more months of her getting really used to it and over the crib so that she won't feel as if the new baby is stealing it.

I can't believe she's 2, we're working on a big girl bed, and I am 6 months pregnant with our second miracle.  We may be going through some rough personal times right now, but I really do have an amazing life.  That's how I know we will work things out because this life, this family, this EVERYTHING is worth it.


  1. Life moves fast, doesn't it?! Glad Bu's early intervention appointment went well and that she's going to get services. You'll be amazed by the fast progress she makes (and how what they do with her just seems like play). Also glad your and K's appointments are going well :)

  2. wow, well, i'm not sure how i missed your last post, but i guess i did. my husband and i had some trouble at the beginning of the summer, he was convinced he wanted a divorce. we went to counseling and worked at our issues and things are great now. not sure about exactly what's going on with you and your husband but if it's anything like what we went through just know it IS possible to work though it. i'm glad you and baby are doing well and that bug is too, hang in there!

  3. Looking at my blog reader and going back to where I left off, I couldn't remember what my comment was on this post even though I know I read it. Well, I guess I know why I couldn't remember.
    I'm so glad to hear that Bug is doing well and that K20 is equally fabulous. I think of you all often... regardless of what ends up on the comments page. :+)