Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Flu, and Encopresis

So the entire family just got over the flu. It was brutal.  Bug started it, then Bubba, me and K. During our camping weekend.

At least we have a bathroom in our camper.

How does the Flu and Encopresis mix one might ask?  Not real well.

Initially it didn't really affect her very much. She puked and had the runs.  But that meant there were 2 days that she didn't get her miralax and exlax. Then she fought taking her medicine again.

So today? We had our first accident in about a week or so. and she wouldn't poop this morning or this evening. Just the accident. and it wasn't a very big accident.

So there's gotta be more up there. She's just not getting it out.

I really hate that the flu can cause a set back in what's been a good string of accident free days.

Stupid Flu.

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